LPL 2022 Spring Week 4 schedule and betting odds: Rookie vs IG

It’s time to get the engine started as the Lunar New Year break is over and LPL Spring 2022 is about to begin with the fourth week’s matches. We left the competition in a dense spot last week, with a lot of title contenders and a great race for the playoffs. If you are looking to find out what will happen this week, this is the place for you.

Currently, LNG Esports, Royal Never Give Up, EDward Gaming, Weibo Gaming, Bilibili Gaming and Victory Five are leading the LPL. Following them, Oh My God has had an unexpected 4-3 run, and FunPlus Phoenix and JD Gaming are just behind them, trying to catch up. Find out more below.

LPL 2022 Spring Week 4 standings

Before the start of the week, you can check out the current standings below:

Placements Teams Scores
1 LNG Esports 5-0 (10-2)
2 Royal Never Give Up 5-1 (11-5)
3 EDward Gaming 4-0 (8-1)
4 Weibo Gaming 4-1 (9-4)
5 Bilibili Gaming 3-1 (7-4)
6 Victory Five 3-1 (7-5)
7 Oh My God 4-3 (10-6)
8 FunPlus Phoenix 3-2 (8-5)
9 JD Gaming 2-2 (5-5)
10 Ultra Prime 2-3 (6-7)
11 Top Esports 2-3 (5-8)
12 Rare Atom 1-3 (4-6)
13 LGD Gaming 1-4 (4-9)
14 Invictus Gaming 1-4 (2-8)
15 Anyone's Legend 1-5 (4-11)
16 ThunderTalk Gaming 1-5 (3-11)
17 Team WE 0-4 (2-8)


LPL Spring 2022 Week 4 schedule and betting odds

As the break will end on Thursday, Week 4 will also take half of what a week in LPL usually does. Check out the schedule and betting odds for the games below.

Thursday, 10 February
Invictus Gaming (2.80) vs Rare Atom (1.38) - 10.00 CET
JD Gaming (1.30) vs Team WE (3.20) - 12.00 CET

Friday, 11 February
Ultra Prime (1.28) vs Anyone’s Legend (3.40) - 8.00 CET
Bilibili Gaming (1.03) vs ThunderTalk Gaming (9.00) - 10.00 CET
Oh My God (2.15) vs Victory Five (1.62)- 12.00 CET

Saturday, 12 February
EDward Gaming (1.05) vs Team WE (7.50) - 8.00 CET
Weibo Gaming (1.68) vs FunPlus Phoenix (2.05) - 10.00 CET
Royal Never Give Up (1.50) vs Top Esports (2.40) - 12.00 CET

Sunday, 13 February
Rare Atom (1.38) vs Anyone’s Legend (2.80) - 8.00 CET
Invictus Gaming (4.00) vs Victory Five (1.20) - 10.00 CET
Bilibili Gaming (2.15) vs LNG Esports (1.65) - 12.00 CET

LPL Spring 2022 Week 4 will start with two games this Thursday. While they don’t seem too fascinating, you might want to check out JDG vs WE. However, the main event will start on Friday in my opinion. After UP vs AS and BLG vs TT, two one-sided games, Oh My God will face Rookie’s Victory Five.

While Rookie is on fire this season, this series might be an important indication for V5, as coming back from long breaks isn’t always easy. OMG proved to be a strong team aiming for a spot at playoffs, so they have to stay alert.

Following that, EDG should have an easy one against Team WE. Saturday has two important games, one between Weibo Gaming (last year’s Suning) and FPX, and one between RNG and TES. With their new transfer TheShy, Weibo looked strong in 2022, and FPX brought in Clid to have a stronger presence this year. On the other side, Royal Never Give Up performed so well, while TES went the opposite way. If any of these teams used this break for practicing harder and coming up with new solutions, that team could come on top.

On the last day, after Rare Atom faces underperforming Anyone’s Legend, Rookie will face his old team Invictus Gaming. With their mediocre roster, IG hasn’t been able to show something good for their fans in 2022. With his great form and good teammates, Rookie should get the better outcome.

2022’s hot one Bilibili Gaming will clash against Tarzan & Doinb’s LNG Esports to end the week. LNG clearly looks like the favourite, but with their strong laners, BLG has the chance to upset Doinb. For the last time, this break was a very long one, and teams could take advantage of that fact to increase their chances of pulling an upset. Keep an eye on BLG vs LNG.

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