Rookie owns LPL 2022 Spring: Week 7 schedule and betting odds

As LPL is being led by Victory Five and Weibo Gaming, Rookie brings down V5’s opponents one by one. This week, V5 defeated LGD Gaming, EDward Gaming and LNG Esports, showing a strong presence. Their good form was followed by Weibo Gaming’s 2-0 week, and they share the first place together.

While V5 and Weibo shared the first place, the playoff race has also stirred up. JDG and Rare Atom managed to take a leap forward, finding a better place and leaving FPX and IG behind. Team WE is yet to find their second win, and although they have two victories, LGD and ThunderTalk are no different. Get the details of the sixth week below.

LPL 2022 Spring Week 6 recap

The sixth week started with a Victory Five win over LGD. Although it was 2-1, the third game was a clear stomp from V5 with a 25-2 score. Following that, Top Esports found a much-needed 2-1 win against FPX, catching up with the top six and leaving FPX behind. Rare Atom showed an amazing performance against RNG with two convincing victories, and Invictus Gaming completed the comeback against JD Gaming later on the second day.

During the third day of the week, after Ultra Prime defeated OMG, Victory Five and EDward Gaming clashed. While both of these teams are championship contenders, EDG wasn’t able to show their strength against V5, losing the series 2-0 while getting stomped both games. Bilibili defeated Team WE the following day and it was time for Weibo and LNG to fight. After a highly exciting series, Weibo managed to keep their streak going and defeated the Tarzan - Doinb duo 2-1.

LGD defeated ThunderTalk 2-1, JD Gaming defeated Anyone’s Legends 2-1 and Rare Atom swept FunPlus Phoenix 2-0 on the fifth day of the week. The following day, Ultra Prime bested Team WE, finishing the week 2-0, Weibo took the 2-1 win against OMG, and EDward Gaming disappointed their fans once again by losing the last series of the day against Top Esports. The most disappointing part was that in the third game of the series, EDG was ahead and managed to throw it.

The last day saw TT take their second week by upsetting FPX and Bilibili having a hard time against JDG, although the latter secured the victory. In the last game of the week, Victory Five took yet another important victory against LNG Esports. The series was a close one and you could probably put the blame on Tarzan’s 1-8-8 and 2-6-7 Xin Zhao performances.

LPL 2022 Spring Week 7 schedule and betting odds

Check out the schedule for the next week below:

Monday, 28 February
Team WE 0-2 Rare Atom
LGD Gaming 0-1 Invictus Gaming

Tuesday, 1 March
Ultra Prime (2.60) vs JD Gaming (1.42) - 10:00 CET
Bilibili Gaming (2.05) vs Top Esports (1.68) - 12:00 CET

Wednesday, 2 March
LGD Gaming (6.30) vs EDward Gaming (1.08) - 10:00 CET
Weibo Gaming (1.52) vs Royal Never Give Up (2.35) - 12:00 CET

Friday, 4 March
Victory Five vs JD Gaming - 08:00 CET
ThunderTalk Gaming (9.00) vs LNG Esports (1.03) - 10:00 CET
FunPlus Phoenix (2.30) vs Bilibili Gaming (1.55) - 12:00 CET

Saturday, 5 March
LGD Gaming (7.50) vs Weibo Gaming (1.06) - 08:00 CET
Anyone’s Legend  vs Invictus Gaming - 10:00 CET
EDward Gaming (1.60) vs Royal Never Give Up (2.20) - 12:00 CET

Sunday, 6 March
Victory Five (1.13) vs Ultra Prime (5.00) - 08:00 CET
Oh My God (2.05) vs Rare Atom (1.68) - 10:00 CET
Top Esports (1.98) vs LNG Esports (1.75) - 12:00 CET

Let’s have a look at the important matches of the week. On Tuesday, Bilibili will face Top Esports. As TES has been in a rising form lately, although BLG had a better year overall,  they might have a hard time here. Weibo Gaming will take on RNG on Wednesday, and this might be the perfect time as RNG had a poor result against Rare Atom last week, losing 2-0 against a bottom team.

JD Gaming will try to upset Victory Five on Friday, and FPX will try the same against Bilibili Gaming with their newest transfer Clid. EDG - RNG clash will define the weekend, both these teams have similar strength and similar forms lately. Week 7 will close up with Top Esports vs LNG Esports, where TES looks for a win as that might be the key for getting a better seed at playoffs.

Check out the standings of LPL below:

Image courtesy of LPL

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