Roobet Cup semi-finals are starting

We are nearing the end of the Roobet Cup as the semi-finals will be played today. BIG, Cloud9, FaZe Clan and Astralis will fight for their place in the grand final tomorrow. After the bloody quarter-final action, there will be no lower bracket here either: Do or die. No second chances.

Before we turn to the semi-finals schedule, let's take a look at what happened in the quarter-finals and how the teams secured their place here. Eternal Fire and ENCE, for example, must be very disappointed to have missed out on the semi-finals in this way.

Roobet Cup quarter-finals

BIG faced Eternal Fire in the first Roobet Cup quarter-final match. After a good Overpass performance, BIG had a 12-1 lead on Dust II, but they squandered it and let EF take it to overtime. There, Eternal Fire continued their commanding performance and secured a 19-16 win. EF also started with two wins on Nuke but the first half ended 10-5 in favour of BIG, resulting in a 16-7 win and ending the series.

Calyx's 64-51 overall K-D was not enough to stop the 69-51 performance of syrsoN, the star of the series.

The next game was Cloud9 against 9z Team. On Mirage, 9z started with a 9-6 lead which Cloud9 overcame thanks to sh1ro's 28-15 K-D to secure the map 16-13. 9z was able to enforce its lead in the first half on Dust II. The decider was played on Overpass and it went into the 30th round. Two wins by 9z made it 15-14 until Cloud9 won a final round to move into the semi-finals.

From the 9z Team, max's performance was remarkable with a 64-52 K-D but it was not enough as sh1ro was even more incredible with 61-44.

Major champions FaZe Clan battled ENCE for a ticket to the semi-finals and it was easier than expected. After an 11-4 half-time on Ancient, FaZe closed it 16-10 on T-side. ENCE then started with an incredible 11-4 lead on Overpass, but when FaZe switched to CT they played even better, winning the half 12-1 and finishing the game 16-12.

Maden once again played great for ENCE but FaZe's broky was unstoppable with his 57-29 K-D.

Finally, Astralis vs forZe was a similar series in many ways. After a 12-3 start on Mirage, Astralis secured the first map 16-8, with BlameF scoring 26-15 and 102.0 average damage per round. Then forZe started 11-4 on Nuke and Astralis repeated that in the second half to take it into overtime. Two overtimes secured the 22-19 win for Astralis and blameF once again led his team.

Although Norwi was 35-28 on Nuke, it was not enough for forZe to make it to the decider. Overall, blameF's performance was decisive for Astralis, 60-42 and 93.0 ADR.

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Roobet Cup semi-finals schedule

Check out the schedule below:

June 29, Wednesday
BIG (2.90) vs Cloud9 (1.35) - 15:00 CEST
FaZe Clan (1.30) vs Astralis (3.20) - 19:00 CEST

June 30, Thursday
TBD - 19:00 CEST

BIG and Cloud9 face each other in the first match of the day. To take a quick look at the recent history of these teams: While C9 holds the IEM Dallas championship, BIG has had disappointing results. Neither team is playing CS:GO perfectly, however, and that could lead to a messy series, just like their quarterfinal games. Cloud9 enters as favourites, but it's hard to say anything when both teams are prone to mistakes.

FaZe Clan meets Astralis and is certainly the favourite. Although Astralis is a great team, FaZe has so much more to offer before this match, a Major winner should be the favourite in any match. If they beat Astralis, they are also favourites to win the Roobet Cup.