Rogue shaken up: LEC 2022 Spring Week 6 schedule and betting odds

The fun never ends at LEC: after Rogue’s 0-2 run, the first place for the regular season is up for grabs once again. We are a few weeks away from playoffs, and the race for the playoffs spots also got heated with Excel being the surprise addition, thanks to Mikyx, and MAD Lions not being able to find a solution for their poor performance.

Rogue, G2 and Fnatic are closely followed by Misfits Gaming and Excel Esports at present. While those two seem like they could find a place for themselves in the playoffs, the underperforming MAD Lions and Team Vitality will aim to get as many wins as they can until their rematch is played during the last week. Find out more about week 5’s games below, and the schedule for week 6.

LEC 2022 Spring Week 5 recap

For Week 5, players finally came back to the stage, partially of course. The week started with the game between in-form Misfits and lacklustre Team BDS, and although it was a really close one, MSF was the team getting the turrets and objectives, while BDS slowly lost the game.

Next up: Astralis vs Rogue, 0-9 vs 9-0. It was a game that everyone thought Rogue should have won easily. It wasn’t the case. Kobbe, not letting the “leaving Zeri open” disrespect pass by, destroyed Rogue together with Dajor’s Vex and got Astralis their first win.

Following that, Mikyx’s Excel Esports defeated Team Vitality. XL is getting better every week, and they are a clear playoffs contender right now. Fnatic easily bested SK Gaming, and G2 destroyed MAD Lions. MAD is getting a lot of criticism for their inconsistent performances, especially Reeker who has played a 0-4-0 Irelia against G2. Their playoff chances don’t look too bright with XL and MSF right on their money and Vitality probably punching their way in.

Excel Esports closed the fifth week 2-0 with their win against BDS the next day. SK Gaming vs MAD Lions was where things got even worse for MAD, as last year’s champions, they threw a game that should’ve easily been won with a fed Jinx and Jayce. SK only having two wins over the course of the season didn’t help at all. Although it’s sad to see MAD in this state, they still have unlimited potential, and watching them be able to get out of such a bad spot should be fun for LEC fans.

Bad news kept coming for Rogue, after years of being called a choker, they lost against Astralis and another against Misfits Gaming. The 36 minutes long game was won by Misfits 18-12, and that should be a great blow on Rogue’s confidence and morale.

Seeing Rogue stumble gets the contenders for the title hungrier with G2 Esports not allowing Astralis to pull a second upset and Fnatic defeating the super team, handing Vitality a 0-2 week.

LEC 2022 Spring Week 6 schedule and betting odds

Check out the schedule for this week below:

Friday, 11 February
Fnatic (1.13) vs Astralis (5.00) - 18:00 CET
Misfits Gaming (1.62) vs Excel Esports (2.15) - 19.00 CET
SK Gaming (3.00) vs G2 Esports (1.35) - 20.00 CET
Team Vitality (1.32) vs Team BDS (3.10) - 21.00 CET
Rogue (1.48) vs MAD Lions (2.50) - 22.00 CET

Saturday, 12 February
Excel Esports (1.30) vs Astralis (3.20) - 17.00 CET
Team BDS (1.65) vs SK Gaming (2.10) - 18.00 CET
Misfits Gaming (1.95) vs MAD Lions (1.75) - 19.00 CET
Team Vitality (1.90) vs Rogue (1.80) - 20.00 CET
G2 Esports (2.20) vs Fnatic (1.60) - 21.00 CET

Fnatic will start the week with a comfortable matchup, however, Astralis isn’t at 0-9 anymore and their win against Rogue could help them break that psychological barrier. Misfits Gaming vs Excel Esports is one of the most important games of the week since this match could critically change the fate of the playoffs race. It’s XL’s chance to catch up and MSF’s chance to widen the gap.

Rogue vs MAD Lions is important for both teams. Rogue had a 0-2 last week, and they want to bounce back, but they also want to keep a distance from Fnatic and G2, to keep their first place. MAD Lions on the other hand have so much to prove, I’m guessing that they’ve been working hard, seeing this series as a chance of coming back.

The second day has three interesting games. Misfits vs MAD Lions is important because of the above-mentioned reasons. While Misfits has a better form, MAD has nothing to lose, and if MSF lose against XL the first day, this series should be even harder for them. Team Vitality will face Rogue in a very important match, and defeating Rogue could be the key to getting themselves in the playoffs thanks to MAD’s bad performances. Rogue wants to get back on track, and there isn’t a better way of doing that than defeating the so-called super team of the LEC.

On the last game of the day, G2 Esports will face Fnatic. G2 vs Fnatic is always a treat, but it’s more this season. Both these teams had the same score before Week 6, and neither of them is in the first place. This isn’t the usual story of G2 - Fnatic derby. This match promises a whole lot of fun League of Legends gameplay, so you shouldn’t miss it.

LEC 2022 Spring current standings

Before heading into week 6, check out the standings below:

Placements Teams Scores
1 Rogue 9-2
2 Fnatic 8-3
2 G2 Esports 8-3
4 Misfits Gaming 7-4
5 Excel Esports 6-5
6 MAD Lions 5-6
6 Team Vitality 5-6
8 SK Gaming 3-8
8 Team BDS 3-8
10 Astralis 1-10


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