Road to MSI 2022: Playoffs update

The first major international tournament in League of Legends esports schedule is coming closer as the playoffs in each region are ending. From the last time we took a glance at the teams that are most likely to make MSI 2022, but a lot has changed. Let’s have a look at the current situations in each league that sends a participant to MSI.

This is the last chance we can have a look at LPL, LCK, LEC, LCS and more before the teams that made it to MSI 2022 are actually decided. Right now, considering performances from regular season and playoffs, Victory Five and T1 look like they are the best teams in the world. However, that could change within days.

Major leagues: LPL, LCK, LEC, LCS

During the regular season, LPL’s best teams looked like EDward Gaming, RNG, Victory Five, LNG Esports and Weibo Gaming. However, the more matches played, the more these power rankings changed. Victory Five managed to stay on top, while EDG’s, WBG’s and LNG’s form dropped. Instead of them, teams like Top Esports and JD Gaming joined the action.

After rounds of best of five series, there are four teams left in the LPL 2022 Spring Playoffs. Victory Five, Top Esports, RNG and JD Gaming. Victory Five is the clear favourite for many, as Rookie is on a career form once again and he already scooped the MVP award. If China gets represented by V5, many think they have great chances at MSI. However, the other teams also have what it takes to stop V5, especially RNG.

LCK was dominated by T1, it’s 2013 or 2015 all over again. T1 finished the regular season 18-0 while the super team Gen.G stayed 15-3, another impressive record. T1’s 18-0 run broke the LCK record, but there is a problem with that: T1 played a lot of teams that missed some of their best players, due to Covid-19. Thus, T1 will have their toughest challenge this weekend.

Gen.G’s super team lost an extra game against KT Rolster, and DWG KIA, although they had a rough regular season, managed to take them to five games and GEN almost missed the grand finals. T1 will face Gen.G this Saturday, to decide who’s the best and who’s going to represent MSI. But the game will also decide if T1’s 18-0 run is that impressive.

LEC was led by Rogue mostly, however, although they were behind RGE, Fnatic was considered to be the best team in the league. FNC proved that they deserve these compliments by their strong performance against G2 recently. They will fight Rogue for the easiest ticket to the grand final, but even if they drop one, they will have another chance while the remaining teams, MSF, G2 and VIT look very weak compared to RGE and FNC.

LCS was owned by Cloud9 and Team Liquid for a long time during the regular season, and teams like Dignitas and FlyQuest managed to get themselves in the playoffs race. However, the playoffs will start now, and the recent forms suggest that even though FLY, GG and EG managed to make the playoffs, TL, C9 and 100 Thieves are still the favourites for representing the region. We’ll keep you updated on LCS, as NA will be the last major region to decide a representative.

Image via LCS

Minor leagues

PSG Talon expectedly kept on ruling the PCS, Pacific Championship Series. They weren’t as flawless as last year, finishing it 16-2. J Team followed them with 14-4 and two 13-5 teams were just behind them, with Beyond Gaming’s 11-7 record being the fifth and last positive record. So, there is more competition in PCS than you would expect this year. The playoffs started with PSG and JT receiving a bye for the first round. We will see if they can pull an upset and steal PCS from PSG Talon.

Vietnam’s VCS on the other hand started late. However, their format has four teams playing in playoffs, and right now, GAM Esports lead the league with 10-0, and they already guaranteed playoffs. After a 13-1 record, CERBERUS was able to defeat GAM 3-2 in the finals and win VCS Winter last year. This time, GAM seems more than ready to stop CES.

Of course, these two regions will be followed by Brazil and Turkey, as CIS won’t send a representative to MSI.

paiN Gaming made an incredible comeback during the regular season of CBLOL 2022 Split 1, and they actually defeated FURIA Esports too, making semifinals. The champion will be decided on April 23, and KaBuM! e-Sports stand out as the strongest candidate, but it’s Brazil, and anything could happen.

In Turkey, after having a great first half, the leader Dark Passage’s form dropped, leaving the top two places to the amazing Istanbul Wildcats and Galatasaray Espor side, finishing the season in sixth place. However, during the quarterfinals, DP managed to take down NASR Esports with Ruin, Kirei and Bolulu. Their incredible performance made the Wildcats pick Aurora, a team that finished the regular season higher. TCL 2022 Winter Playoffs have been going incredibly well after these results, and it will be very interesting to see IW and GS perform in a best of five.

Japan’s LJL also started with the playoffs, with DetonatioN FocusMe leading the league once again. Incredible old-timer Yutapon is still playing for his team, and they are the favourites to come and represent Japan in MSI. Latin America was once again owned by Rainbow7, however, they lost their first best-of-five against Estral Esports, having to proceed their journey from the lower bracket. Oceania’s LCO is also playing the playoffs, with Chiefs who finished the league first place with 16-2 securing the grand finals spot after a 3-2 win against Pentanet.GG.

These are the current situations in the MSI 2022 regions, and the favourites to win and represent their regions in this incredible competition. MSI 2022 will be held in Busan, Korea this year with the same format as last year. If you are interested, you can watch these leagues live and place your bets on your favourite teams on Luckbox.