RLCS 2021-22 - Winter: Europe Regional Event 2 schedule and betting odds

The RLCS 2021-22 season began in 2021 and continues into 2022 and Winter split’s Europe Regional Event 2 is kicking off tomorrow on February 4th.

What’s different in this season format

The RLCS 2021-22 season began in 2021 and continues into 2022. With more regions and a new format, this season marks the most significant changes to the RLCS system ever.

Each of the three splits (Fall, Winter, and Spring) has three regional competitions building up to one international major.

Each team earns points in each of these tournaments, which determine whether they qualify for the World Championship or the World Championship Wildcard.

All splits this season have a different format. For example, in the Fall Split, the regions competed in a Swiss format with an eight-team single-elimination bracket. The Spring Split will be played in the Double Elimination Bracket format.

In the Winter Split, there are four groups in each region. The playoffs will be played in a double-elimination bracket. There are a total of eight regions in RLCS 2021-22 and the regions involved are the same in all splits.

Teams that qualify for the majors from the splits and can score higher points in the majors than the previous regional events.

When the three splits are over and the majors are done, the end of the road is the RLCS World Championship. These splits are just the beginning. The prize pool for the RLCS WC will be $2,085,000.

Regional Event 2 Schedule and betting odds

Event will be played out in round-robin format with a Bo5 rule. Winners will advance to the playoffs.

Europe: Team BDS - with 1711 points is currently reigning supreme in Europe within the European League. Dignitas and Endpoint CeX falling just behind with 1421 and 1352 respectively

You can click on the dates to take a direct trip to the detailed match screen and odd breakdown:

Group A

Team BDS will undoubtedly dominate this group. William Resolve and Luminosity Gaming are close to each other points wise. Guild Esports stand no chance.

Group B

Endpoint, Evil Geniuses and Karmine Corp are on each other's tail. Stromtroopers lag behind nearly 500 points from their closest opponent Evil Geniuses.

Group C

Legendary names in this group. Dignitas currently occupies 2nd place on point rankings. Team Vitality behind them in 5th place. Misfits and 00 Nation are even in skill and points. Currently the most high stake group among the European League.

Group D

SMPR Esports and Team Queso dominate with 1180 and 741 points respectively. Kuxir and Navi even at 230 points. SMPR is likely to get out of this group as number one. NaVi will probably eliminate Kuxir but it’s a close call.

Further Details

Prize pool for the tournament is $100,000 USD that will be spread among the top 3.

Winner of each group qualifies to the Winners' Bracket of the Playoffs. Places 2 and 3 of each group qualify to the Losers' Bracket of the Playoffs. 4th place of each group is eliminated.

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