Riyadh Masters 2022 by numbers

PSG.LGD won the Riyadh Masters 2022 held at Boulevard Riyadh City. At the end of a spectacular tournament, they walked away with the grand prize of $1,500,000.

Today, we take a look at some statistics from Riyadh Masters 2022. Let's start.

Which players have been awarded in Riyadh Masters 2022?

Faith_bian, player of the champion team of Riyadh Masters 2022, was named MVP of the tournament. He won an extra $100,000 prize for being the MVP.

OG's Yuragi set the tournament's record for the highest damage in a game with his Arc Warden performance against Royal Never Give Up. Yuragi, who did exactly 102,363 damage, won additional $25,000 in prize.

Another player from OG, Misha, won the highest hero healing award at Riyadh Masters 2022 with 22,390 healing. He won $25,000 for his performance.

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Most played heroes in Riyadh Masters 2022

The most played hero of Riyadh Masters 2022 was Tiny. Tiny was preferred in 23 games with 9 wins and 14 losses.

Second place was shared by Zeus and Dawnbreaker. They were picked 15 times each. Zeus had 11 wins and 4 losses while Dawnbreaker won 6 and lost 9.

  • Tiny - 23
  • Zeus - 15
  • Dawnbreaker - 15
  • Winter Wyvern - 14
  • Marci - 14

Most banned heroes in Riyadh Masters 2022

At Riyadh Masters 2022, the teams did not want to see some heroes in the opposing team with Razor and Puck at the forefront. Both were banned 26 times. They performed very well in the games they were picked.

Razor was picked in 10 matches and has a 80% win rate. Puck, on the other hand, has a win rate of 66.67% in 9 matches. Third place is Marci. The hero, who was banned 23 times, was picked in 14 matches and has a 42.86% win rate. Maybe she did not need to be banned so much.

  • Razor - 26
  • Puck - 26
  • Marci - 23
  • Bloodseeker - 22
  • Timbersaw - 22
  • Viper - 22

Highest pick or ban rates in Riyadh Masters 2022

There are some heroes that are insta picked in matches where it is not banned. Here in Riyadh Masters 2022, Tiny comes first among these heroes. Tiny was contested 39 times. He was picked in 23 games and banned in 16.

Marci is second. Her pick/ban count is 37. Picked 14 times and banned 23 times.

Third place is Razor. Razor's name was contested 36 times. He was picked 10 times and banned 26 times.

  • Tiny - 39
  • Marci - 37
  • Razor - 36
  • Puck - 35
  • Bloodseeker - 31

Viewer statistics of Riyadh Masters 2022

Riyadh Masters 2022 streamed for 48 hours and 50 minutes. The peak viewers of the tournament, which attracted the attention of viewers from all over the world, reached 363,519 on June 24. The average number of viewers was 200,374. Also, Riyadh Masters 2022 was watched for a total of 9,784,903 hours.

Based on peak viewers, the five most interesting matches were:

  • Team Secret - Team Spirit (Semifinals - 363,273)
  • PSG.LGD - Team Spirit (Grand final - 357,334)
  • PSG.LGD - OG (Semifinals - 335,021)
  • PSG.LGD - Nigma Galaxy (Quarterfinals - 295,517)
  • Team Spirit - Royal Never Give Up (Quarterfinals - 258,382)

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