Riot allows LCS teams to make emergency roster signings

Riot Games will allow LCS organisations to field emergency replacement players on their rosters, after players voted to stage a walkout.

LCS teams may sign emergency players ahead of the 2023 Summer Split.

That's according to LCS Eevee, who reports that the LCS is committed to maintaining its current schedule - with the Summer Split due to begin on June 1. However, many players are now refusing to play in protest of recent changes to the NACL, and so Riot Games have given LCS organisations permission to sign additional player post roster lock.

It should be noted that LCS organisations are required to participate in the Summer Split, due to their contract with Riot Games. As such, it seems that they may be forced to sign a number of amateur players (or former Academy players) in order to participate in the split.

Members of the LCS Players Association (LCSPA) voted "overwhelmingly" yesterday (May 29) to stage a walkout, in protest of a recent rule change regarding the NACL. As of May 12, Riot Games no longer requires that LCS teams to field rosters in the NACL. As a result, several LCS teams announced that they were dropping their NACL teams, thereby parting ways with the players and staff members. The LCSPA swiftly decried the move, describing it as a "significant breach of trust.”

LCS fans and professionals alike have, perhaps unsurprisingly, criticised Riot Games' decision to go ahead with their current schedule - and it seems that any player who does sign with an LCS team will not receive a warm welcome. Former LCS coach Gabriel "Invert" Zoltan-Johan stated that anyone who "crosses the picket line" will be those who "neglects + belittles their fellow worker's blood, sweat, tears, and dreams. I will be taking note."

It remains to be seen how this highly unusual Summer Split will shape up - with the opening matches just days away. Whatever happens, we'll keep you up to date right here on Luckbox - so check out our League of Legends match schedule, and remember to claim your free 100% bonus!