REPUBLEAGUE Season 3 Playoffs update

REPUBLEAGUE Season 3 Group B has ended and the playoffs will begin this week. Six teams remain for the playoffs, which will feature a single-elimination bracket with best-of-three games. Let's take a look at which teams made it to the playoffs via Group B and how they did it.

Three teams will join ECSTATIC, Bad News Eagles and ex-MAD Lions after Group B. These teams are Fnatic, MOUZ NXT and forZe. Apart from FalleN's Imperial Esports getting eliminated pretty early, there were not many surprises and the favourites managed to make it to the playoffs. Six playoff teams are now competing for a share of the $120,000 prize pool.

REPUBLEAGUE Season 3 Group B recap

Our first Group B update can be found below:

After the first games, the lower bracket matchups were played. Team Finest defeated Into The Breach with two quick maps, 16-8 on Vertigo and 16-5 Overpass. Then forZe played for survival against Imperial. After a 22-18 overtime victory on Dust II, forZe pulled the plug on Mirage with 16-7 to send FalleN out of the tournament.

In the upper bracket, Fnatic prevailed against SINNERS Esports. After a 16-3 win on Mirage, Fnatic could not stop SINNERS from evening the series on Vertigo with 16-11. However, FNC also won Overpass 16-11 to win 2-1. The other game was another three-game adventure. ENTERPRISE survived against MOUZ NXT for some time, but it was not enough to prevent the 2-1 reverse sweep that ended with a 16-2 Mirage.

ENTERPRISE moved on to defeat Team Finest 2-1 in the lower bracket. After a 16-11 Dust II win by Finest, ENTERPRISE won Inferno 16-14 and Mirage 16-5 to end the match. forZe had no problems against SINNERS. 16-7 on Overpass and 16-4 on Nuke were enough for a quick victory.

forZe played against ENTERPRISE to finish Group B's lower bracket. A good Nuke performance gave forZe the 1-0 lead with 16-11. After that, it was very close on Inferno, but forZe achieved victory in the 30th round by defeating ENTERPRISE 16-14 and 2-0.

Despite being the favourites, Fnatic lost the first game against MOUZ NXT at the final game of Group B 16-10. A very good start on Inferno got them back in the series, even though the second half was close, 16-11 was enough to take the series to decider game. Another close final game was played during this series on Nuke.

After Fnatic started 8-7, they won two more games until MOUZ NXT won five in a row. After that, chaos reigned on Nuke as both teams won some rounds, but mezii led his team with an MVP-deserving performance to secure the 16-14 win that ended the series 2-1 in favour of FNC.

REPUBLEAGUE playoffs schedule

The six teams will now participate in the playoffs bracket. Check it out below:

June 27, Monday
MOUZ NXT (3.00) vs ex-MAD Lions (1.35) - LIVE!
Bad News Eagles (2.50) vs forze (1.48) - 19:00 CEST

June 28, Tuesday
Fnatic vs BNE/forZe - 15:00 CEST

June 29, Wednesday
Third place match - 16:00 CEST
Grand Final - 19:00 CEST

forZe and MOUZ NXT looked better than their opponents on the first day. However, whoever wins, their challenge will be to beat Fnatic or ECSTATIC in their next match. If they manage to do that, they will move on to the grand final and fight for the $70,000 prize money.

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