REPUBLEAGUE Season 3: Group B update, schedule and betting odds

REPUBLEAGUE Season 3 kicked off again yesterday with the first four matches of Group B and the teams are now split into two brackets. To get their share of the $120,000 prize pool, Group B teams will try to get through this round and then play the three teams that made it to the playoffs via Group A.

After the four opening matches, SINNERS Esports, Fnatic, ENTERPRISE and MOUZ NXT have kept themselves in the upper bracket with wins over Team Finest, Into The Breach, Imperial Esports and forZe. The latter four will try to enter the playoffs without another defeat. Let's take a look at those games.

First four games are played in Group B

Group B started with forZe against MOUZ NXT. It was an incredibly close series and started out that way: on Dust II, after two 8-7 halves, it went into overtime after which forZe won 19-15. Then three overtimes were played on Mirage and MOUZ NXT prevailed 25-21. Another overtime was played on Nuke, and it was a close one with MOUZ NXT winning 19-17. Star of this long series was certainly the Israeli xertioN, who secured the win for MOUZ NXT with his 98-74 K-D.

The second series of the day saw FalleN's Imperial Esports take on ENTERPRISE. After a strong performance on Mirage, with h4rn playing 32-12, ENTERPRISE secured an advantage. This was quickly answered by Imperial's 16-7 win on Inferno where FalleN was 22-9 and VINI 22-11. Overpass went into overtime after two 10-5 halves and ENTERPRISE secured the win 22-20. VINI's 31-28 was not enough as manguss led his team into the next round with his 38-25.

Fnatic outclassed Into The Breach with ease, beating them 2-0. On Nuke, Fnatic's Danish duo roeJ and nicoodoz played incredibly well to give his team a 16-6 advantage. When KRIMZ stepped in, Fnatic secured the win on Mirage 16-7 to advance to the next round.

In the last match of the first round, SINNERS Esports faced Team Finest. SINNERS won Finest's pick of Mirage with ease and prevailed 16-7. On Ancient, PlesseN played 38-30 to keep his team in the game but it was not enough. Forsyy's 37-24 performance helped SINNERS win the game 22-19 in overtime and send Finest to the lower bracket.

Schedule and betting odds

Check out the schedule below:

June 22, Wednesday - Lower Bracket
Team Finest (1.32) vs Into The Breach (3.00) - 16:00 CEST
Imperial Esports (2.30) vs forZe (1.55) - 19:00 CEST

June 23, Thursday - Upper Bracket
SINNERS Esports (4.20) vs Fnatic (1.20) - 16:00 CEST
ENTERPRISE (2.05) vs MOUZ NXT (1.70) - 19:00 CEST

Both Finest and Into The Breach lost their first series 0-2, but Finest looked so much better than their opponents in the first game, largely thanks to PlesseN's performance. Led by FalleN, Imperial Esports suffered a disappointing defeat against ENTERPRISE. They now have to face a strong forZe and prove that they have what it takes to be among the best in CS:GO.

SINNERS Esports and Fnatic started with strong wins and one of them has to drop down to the lower bracket. Fnatic seems to have the advantage, they are the better team and looked better in their first game. In the other game ENTERPRISE meets MOUZ NXT, and the former is definitely not the favourite. However, the gap between the two is not as big as it should be, thus it should be an exciting match.

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