REPUBLEAGUE Season 3 Group A is over

REPUBLEAGUE Season 3 Group A has concluded and three teams have made it to the playoffs. Eight teams took part in the double elimination bracket of the first group, and ECSTATIC finished in first place to secure their place in the semi-finals. They are followed by the second-placed Bad News Eagles and the winners of the lower bracket ex-MAD Lions.

The ex-MAD Lions and the Bad News Eagles will start in the quarterfinals and face the teams in Group B which will begin shortly. The remaining eight teams in the tournament will battle it out for a chance to make the playoffs in Group B. After the summary of the Group A matches, you will find the schedule for the second group in this article.

Group A matches

REPUBLEAGUE Season 3 Group A double elimination play began with four matches in the upper bracket. After three incredibly close maps, Entropiq defeated K23 2-1. ECSTATIC defeated 1win 2-1 after a strong performance from maNkz. Bad News Eagles got off to a good 2-0 start against Sprout and ex-MAD Lions defeated Eternal Fire 2-0 after a 25-22 Dust II.

In the lower bracket, K23 beat 1win without much trouble while Eternal Fire had a similar win over Sprout. Following these matches, the upper bracket matches were played where ECSTATIC sent Entropiq to the lower bracket after a 22-20 decider on Ancient. Bad News Eagles easily defeated ex-MAD Lions to advance to the final.

The ex-MAD Lions were able to put K23 in their place and Eternal Fire defeated Entropiq, although the latter struggled a bit. The lower bracket final was then played between ex-MAD and EF. On Mirage, ex-MAD Lions got off to a good start with a 16-5 win. Eternal Fire levelled the series after a 16-11 Nuke, but ex-MAD once again outclassed their Turkish rivals on Inferno to secure a ticket to the playoffs.

Group A final was played between ECSTATIC and Bad News Eagles. BNE managed to turn an 11-4 score around on Dust II to finish the job on overtime. However, a 16-12 win on Vertigo and a 16-8 on Nuke secured the win and a place in the semi-finals for ECSTATIC, after Danish Daffu's incredible performance.

Group B schedule and betting odds

Ninjas in Pyjamas, SINNERS Esports, Fnatic, Into The Breach, Imperial Esports, ENTERPRISE, forZe and MOUZ NXT will take part in Group B. Check out the match schedule below:

June 20, Monday
forZe (1.65) vs mouz NXT (2.15) - 16:00 CEST
Imperial Esports (1.32) vs ENTERPRISE (3.10) - 19:00 CEST

June 21, Tuesday
Fnatic vs Into The Breach - 16:00 CEST
Ninjas in Pyjamas vs SINNERS Esports - 19:00 CEST

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