Renegades CSGO: Change or die

Renegades Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team has been a joke for a while now. That may sound a bit of an exaggeration, but when you analyse their path over the last year or so, there has been no real progress, and no intelligent thought about how progress might be made. After so much time, it is finally the moment for the wealthy North American org to stop slumming it in the Asian qualifier for some easy sticker money, and actually take CSGO seriously in 2018.

Many people have criticised their continued commitment to the boys from Down Under already, and it’s pretty clear why they are kept around - for the easy route through the Asia Minor. But is that really good enough for a team owned by a man who has earned more than $30m from basketball alone in recent years? Most would say no, and rightly so, but there might be a solution if the incredibly wealthy owners are willing to put their hands in their pocket, and one that doesn’t cost them a free spot at the Major.

The solution

In short, they need to cut the Aussie players, and replace them with Asian players who speak English.

BnTeT is frankly an improvement on anyone in RNG right now

As a starting point, that would instantly improve their ability even if it was just a single transfer, given that Hansel ‘BnTeT’ Ferdinand is the best player in the part of the world, and currently plays for Tyloo. That org is also a decent size, of course, but an org the size of RNG should be able to smooth that over, as well as any visa issues.

BnTeT is frankly an improvement on anyone in RNG right now, but it would make no sense to bring him in as a leader at this point. If you were making the right changes, all three Aussies would be cut, with Nifty back to main AWPing, and that means you have space for more than one. BnTeT coming in would be amazing, and if you could sit him alongside an IGL that could help the RNG boys develop he would be free to make the impact we know he can.

In terms of leaders, there are not many great ones available right now but, again, the need Renegades have is for a structure and thought, not someone to win a Major tomorrow. A player such as Nicolai "HUNDEN" Petersen would be an upgrade, and quickly filter out those in the team that have no future at the top level, and while the ‘god’ meme exists for a reason RNG don’t have the room to be picky.

Outside of that, assuming the team want to keep hold of their Asian Minor spot, you then have another two players to sign from ANZ or Asia to do so. With the rising amount of talent in Japan, China, South Korea and other nations in that part of the world, a good scout should be their next investment, and would serve them very well. The alternative is to move into the NA section for good, which is a far less daunting prospect now Cloud9 have finished blowing all ten of their toes off.

The alternative is death

Or, they can learn nothing, and keep working the way they are, and that’s also fine. Valve apparently have no issue with it. However, that would, or should also be the end of RNG as a serious team, and no serious player should ever want to work for them again in their current form, as today they are a joke, and not by accident.

Image credit: RNG Twitter