Redeye: N0tail should be regarded among all-time Dota 2 greats

Dota 2

Paul Chaloner and Sujoy Roy discussed all the big esports moments of 2018 in The Luckbox Podcast Christmas Special, including, of course, The International.

TI8 in Vancouver boasted the biggest prize pool of any esports event in history and was won by an OG team inspired by N0tail.

Redeye believes the Danish 25-year-old should be regarded as one of greatest Dota players of all time.

Redeye said: "People talk about Kuro as the greatest Dota player of all time.

"He's now played all the heroes, shout out by the way for doing that because that's outrageous.

"Every hero in the game, he's the only pro player to do that. He's won a TI. He's won a Major, so you look at him and you go yeah ... He's got every credibility and he's probably one of the greatest captains of all time.

"So he's got every credible means to be classed as one of, if not the greatest player of all time.

"Uh hello, what about N0tail? A world-class player, has been in all sorts of different positions.

"He's played mid, he's played support, he's played off-lane. He's played pretty much everywhere. In every team that he's done it, whether he's been with EternalEnvy or not Fnatic, on tons of different teams.

"He then wins four Majors with OG. What we call the 'real' Majors. And he's won a TI... uh hello?

"Why is no one talking about N0tail as the greatest player of all time?"

Royal recognition

N0tail isn't the only Dane to have enjoyed a memorable 2018, of course. Astralis, comprised of five Danish players, have dominated CSGO, winning the London Major and The Intel Grand Slam, securing a $1m bonus to cap their season.

Their success has even been noticed by Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen, who has tweeted to congratulate Astralis a number of times but Redeye says it's time for more formal recognition.

Redeye said: "It's been a bloody good year for Denmark, they're going to get knighted or something!

"If you're watching, Mr Prime Minister of Denmark, please knight them or sword them or give them OBEs or CBEs or MBEs or whatever it is you give them, give them something, please!"

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James McMathMedia manager at Luckbox.