Redeye: Luckbox can help clean up esports betting

With a lot of endorsements, the question is often ‘why now?’, and the answer is normally obvious, but sometimes it is not.

For Paul ‘Redeye’ Chaloner, there have been many chances to lend his name to products down the years, mainly because of the respect people rightfully put on it.

So when he decided to become a Luckbox ambassador, we thought it would be interesting to ask why he had chosen this time, and this company, to make his move into the esports betting world.

A lot of names are just nervous about putting their visage next to anything vaguely ‘adult’, as it has the chance to cost them down the line, or blow up, but Redeye made it clear he enjoyed a punt like anyone else. “I’m not anti-gambling, and I think gambling has a place, but it needs to be done responsibly,” Chaloner said.

This is standard from anyone decent who has worked in esports, or any industry touched by gambling, as the damage that can be done by unregulated and unscrupulous firms is plain to see.

So, something about Luckbox must have piqued his interest, what was it? “Until now, I haven’t felt there is a company I could work with that shares my core beliefs and values, that would actively go out of their way to not only produce a great product, but to look at the flaws in esports (gambling) and tackle them head on,” Chaloner said.

So, it seems like a match made in heaven for the pair, but it’s not just the responsible setup and accountability that appealed to Redeye. Speaking about his experience not only as a legend of esports, but also a fan, he told a story many in the space will relate to based on trying to make esports bets with sports betting companies.

He said: “The traditional companies have looked at it in a very similar way to sports, but they haven’t looked at it as deeply as I would like, and in terms of doing something for esports people, with the way that we consume our media and watch the games, some of it has been very simplistic.”


It’s not surprising that the traditional giants would need to catch up a bit, but Redeye seems pretty excited about the way Luckbox has the potential to change no only the level of security a punter feels, but also user enjoyment generally, by bringing fans together via esports. Comparing that to his previous experience of esports betting only throws what Luckbox can provide into greater relief.

Chaloner said: “Yes I can bet on this team beating this team, but there is nothing else, there is nothing around it, I cant join in socially around it, I can’t discuss anything about it…and not everyone shares that kind of interest. It’s very difficult to be social about it, and obviously Luckbox can change that.”

So it’s security, sociability, and safety and Redeye enjoys, but is there anything else that really convinced him Luckbox was the one?

“On top of that, you can bet in many different ways, and I don’t think there is anything so far out there that allows you to think about, OK, I can use in-game items that I’ve built up, or I can use cryptocurrency, which obviously I personally love, or I can just use good old-fashioned cash.”

All things considered, it seems as though putting a finger on just one reason Redeye is working with Luckbox is not possible, because there is just too much to like. The partnership brings one of the most trusted and experienced names in esports together with a new arrival, and between the two it seems like esports betting is going to be going from strength to strength.