Redeye: Why I sadistically love TI qualifiers

Ah, TI qualifiers. Torture for teams, tremendous entertainment for fans.

The regional qualifiers represent the last chance for teams to qualify for Dota 2's showpiece event - with only one slot available from each of the six regions.

For players, the tension must be almost unbearable but the drama is great news for fans and one man who can't get enough of the action is Paul "Redeye" Chaloner.


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Speaking on the Luckbox Podcast, Redeye said: "You go to TI and don't win a game, you come home with $60,000 - that's what happens. It's your biggest payday of your year, even if you're terrible.

"It's just about getting there. We talk about do-or-die a lot but there is no bigger definition of do-or-die than the lower bracket of your regional qualifier to get for TI.

"I sadistically love them because they provide that interesting juxtaposition between the casual and the serious - this is life-changing stuff, potentially.

"Look at OG - they nearly didn't qualify in 2018 and they went and won it."

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