Redeye keen to see how Overwatch League evolves in 2019

The future of the Overwatch League is a constant topic of discussion in esports, arguably more so than any other game. Whether you are a CSGO celebrity, Dota deity or League legend, you can’t have failed to notice the new upstart, with its geolocation and incredible production values, and recently there has been a lot of social media chat about the game as a result.

Some of that conversation has been about how hard Blizzard are pushing their property, and the lengths they have gone to to ensure it has a successful launch, surrounded by the sort of headlines you’d want to see. Now, though, the next steps are being anticipated, with geolocation and all the other expansions the venture capitalists would have been hoping for when they poured giant vats of cash into Blizzard’s cauldron.

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The room is essentially divided, between those who think that the Overwatch League is mainly smoke and mirrors and those who believe it can deliver what it promises. The latter group also contains a lot of people with money invested in the league itself, but there are experts out there who have faith as well, and that certainly is true for our own Redeye, who has seen it all when it comes to esports.

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In our Christmas Special, he and Sujoy took the time to talk over the Overwatch issue, and it’s fair to say they had some fairly strong views, as is often the case. From Paul’s point of view, it is far too early to start worrying about an esport that has launched right into the S-tier of online entertainment, but he can equally see a time when the money men start asking harder questions, and that isn’t as far away as some of you might think.

With the expansion the league is already undertaking, it will be fascinating to see how the Overwatch League fares as we move into 2019, and other esports continue to turn up the ante.

With Dota setting records year on year and CSGO stretching the gap between itself and any other first person shooter, the success of the league is far from assured, but it’s great for esports as a whole to have so much competition, and it’s clear Blizzard are doing everything they can to get OWL where it needs to be, even sacrificing other games on the altar of OWL succeeding.

For the full podcast, click the link, as we’re sure you’ll enjoy the show. Stay tuned of course, as we have more awesome video and audio content coming your way in 2019, and very soon indeed, as well as more Redeye for those of you who can’t get enough esports expertise. We’re looking forward to bringing it your way, and if there are any topics you’d like to see, let us know in the comments or on social media.

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