ESL One Mumbai can help Indian's esports status - Redeye

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Paul "Redeye" Chaloner believes India is one of the countries "on the cusp" of being regarded as a great esports nation and that tournaments such as ESL One Mumbai will fuel progress.

Redeye will be host of ESL One Mumbai, which is due to start on Tuesday.

The Dota 2 tournament is the first major esports event to be hosted in India and, while Redeye believes it is long overdue, he is also hopeful the arrival of a major international event will enhance India's esports credentials.

ESL One Mumbai: Schedule, live Twitch streams and results

Speaking on The Luckbox Podcast, Redeye said: "India is right on the cusp and it only needs one or two big international tournaments like ESL One Mumbai to help break that mould and people will go, 'Oh shit, these guys are for real. This is really exciting'.

"And then investment comes in, sponsorship comes in, more tournaments start to happen, players start popping through and then, hopefully, we'll see the grassroots of Indian gaming start to pull through as well."

Indian esports was at the center of controversy in 2018 as CSGO player forsaken was caught cheating in the infamous "word.exe" scandal and subsequently banned from esports.

Redeye said: "We don't see many and some of those (players) we've seen have had some controversy around them. There are some amazing players in India and I want them to come through. Only by doing big international tournaments like we said about South Africa, Australia and South America. They need more of these big tournaments and I'm pleased we're going there and I hope it's a success."

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James McMathMedia manager at Luckbox.