Redeye backs EHOME to shrug off pressure and thrive at Chongqing Major

Redeye has picked out one Chinese team to shine at the Chongqing Major because the players "don't give a crap" about the pressure from local Dota 2 fans.

The first Dota 2 Major of 2019 gets under way on Saturday and Redeye - AKA Paul Chaloner - says he is particularly looking forward to following the progress of EHOME.

EHOME are among the teams playing on home soil but the high levels of expectation from Chinese Dota fans has often proved too much for many teams.

Speaking on the Luckbox Podcast, Redeye said: "I feel like there is so much pressure on them (Chinese teams). It's the opposite effect of, "Oh, we're playing at home everything's easier.

"I think it's harder for the Chinese teams. Look at the success of Chinese teams on Chinese tournaments over the past five years. Can you find many examples of it?

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"If you look at all of the historical evidence you'll see that there's a lot of pressure on Chinese teams.

"You won't understand it as a fan unless you've been there in the city. These guys are superstars out there. They are literally mobbed and seen every day, people harass them inside the hotel. It's a big deal in China.

"Then think of the expectation on top of that - 20,000 people turning up every day inside an arena cheering you on and feeling that kind of pressure."

They're just here to win

Redeye says EHOME's roster - inspired by coach xiao8 - benefit from a refreshing mindset that gives them a chance to succeed in the Major.

Redeye said: "It's (the attention) not for everyone, right? Some love it but most don't. rOtK, xiao8 - they loved it. They they think that's amazing but they are two of the few who do.

"These kids - ASD and eGo - they don't give a shit. They're from a different generation of Chinese Dota players. They don't give a crap. They don't give a crap about their egos. They don't give a crap about previous experience or history or weight of expectations. They're just here to win. Don't care how they do it.

They're the perfect models of xiao8's children

"They're the perfect models of xiao8's children. And he is not just a dictator, as someone called him in our Bucharest coverage, he is the director.

"But he's also the guy that they look up to most. And then add that they've got Innocence and they've got Faith_bian, two of the greatest Dota 2 players that have ever graced the game.

"It's the perfect symmetry for me. I love the makeup of this team. I'm super excited to see how they get on."

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