Redeye a big fan of Australian talent at IEM Sydney 2019

IEM Sydney 2019 is under way and fans are being treated to some captivating CSGO goodness.

There's top teams and players, of course, but Redeye is also enjoying in is the work of the broadcast talent on duty Down Under.

Redeye - a hugely respected esports broadcaster - is particularly pleased to see Australian talent working the event on home soil.

Analysits SPUNJ (Chad Burchill) and SnypeR (Iain Turner); commentators Pili (Mitch Pilipowski), Elfishguy (Jordan Mays), ManicMunday (Robert Munday) and Mac (Geordie McAleer); and observer MC (Michael Campagna) are all Aussies.

Redeye said: "I always like IEM Sydney because it's got a great crowd and a great community comes together but what I also like is the talent.

"There are seven Australians as part of the talent team and I like that. It's something ESL used to do, go to an area and find local talent and a lot of the time these guys had never done a big international LAN event and it was an opportunity.

"I like the fact ESL have gone back to this. I think it's more because they genuinely want to mix it up a bit. I think that's really cool.

"I like the fact ESL have embraced that and given some of these 'new' people a chance. I say 'new' - some of them have been doing it for 10 years - but they're new to some of us in terms of an international audience."