Ranking the teams at DPC North America 2021/22 Tour 1: Regional Finals

The highly anticipated DPC North America 2021/22 Tour 1: Regional Finals is just around the corner with four teams vying not only for a big chunk of the $100,000 prize-pool but also for the 380 Pro Circuit points.

After much conundrum, Valve paid heed to the community’s backlash after initially cancelling the Winter Tour Major out of the blue with no information pertaining to the prize pool or the future road map.

Enter “Regional Finals”. Community is appeased.

Nonetheless, today we at Luckbox, will make an attempt to simplify the odds of trying to accurately predict the winner by ranking the teams.

There’s always a margin for error though. Let’s begin!

Evil Geniuses

Despite placing third in the DPC NA 2021/22 Tour 1 with a slimmer of margin, Evil Geniuses are in a good position to win the regional finals.

While EG had a difficult start in the first half of Tour 1 with 1 win and 2 losses, they recouped their nerves and came back, storming through the front door.

Their losses came against two of the lower rung teams, but they bounced back spectacularly against two of the strongest teams in NA – Quincy Crew and Team Undying – registering victories and gaining the upper edge psychologically.

Their opening match will be against Team Undying, who were recently picked by TSM, and one can surely ascertain EG’s victory.

We expect EG to win the regional finals.

Quincy Crew

Quincy Crew topped the DPC NA 2021/22 Tour 1 with a comfortable score of 6-1. Retaining only two players from the previous iteration namely, Yawar and Quinn, QC brought in three new players – Khezu, Milan and Ponlo.

Many expected mixed results from QC, but Khezu’s leadership paid off fruitful dividends. Ponlo has been a surprise addition, flying all the way over from Singapore to take a brave gamble.

Nonetheless, compared to EG’s massive roster change, QC’s roster change looked minimalistic.

In the end, they proved their critics wrong and started displaying their excellent gameplay and in turn wowing the audience. Their only loss came to EG in the last week, a shock loss that rendered them unable to end the first tour with a flawless record.

From being constant #2 in the previous DPC season to being #1 in the current DPC, we can expect Quincy Crew to win the regional finals, but EG is still better suited to occupy the pole position.

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Team Undying (TSM)

They were recently picked up by the renowned North American org: TSM. Undying’s journey has been an inspirational one since the past year owing to their struggle and hard work, attending The International without a sponsor and giving few of the most beautiful storylines to the community.

Regardless, from being constant third placers in the previous DPC year, they have successfully managed to climb up one spot and occupy the second position in the DPC NA 2021/22.

Is that a metric through which we can expect them to place second in the regional finals though? Not really.

Their losses to Quincy Crew and Evil Geniuses is a sign of worry, and creates a shadow of a cloud in our minds.

TSM are well poised to even win the whole damn thing, but as of now, strictly going by their performance against the top dogs, a third place finish would be ideal.


The dark horse of the group, 4Zoomers barely scraped through to the top 4, placing fourth via tiebreakers.

Despite competing in Division I, they are indeed the weakest link heading into the regional finals. It will be interesting to see them get an upset against the competing teams, all the while getting a second chance in the double elimination bracket.

Let’s not delve into more details. Fourth place finish is the most expected outcome.

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