Ranking the teams at DPC China 2021/22 Tour 1: Regional Finals

The highly anticipated DPC China 2021/22 Tour 1: Regional Finals is just around the corner with four teams vying not only for a big chunk of the $100,000 prize-pool but also for the 380 Pro Circuit points.

After much conundrum, Valve paid heed to the community’s backlash after initially cancelling the Winter Tour Major out of the blue with no information pertaining to the prize pool or the future road map.

Enter “Regional Finals”. Community is appeased.

Nonetheless, today we at Luckbox, will make an attempt to simplify the odds of trying to accurately predict the winner by ranking the teams.

There’s always a margin for error though. Let’s begin.


The TI10 runners-up have convincingly carried their momentum into the DPC 2021/22 Tour 1 and hold an unbeaten 7-0 series record and sit comfortably at the top of the table.

Unlike the previous season, PSG.LGD have thoroughly crushed everyone in the domestic circuit and have made their intentions clear; to WIN.

Despite xiao8 being suspended temporarily for his involvement in an “alleged” match fixing accusation, the team marched on and didn’t let it affect their morale. xiao8 was later absolved of any wrongdoing and with his name cleared, the legendary coach started weaving his magic as usual.

Cohesion, synergy, individual prowess and the common hunger to win is what makes PSG.LGD the favourites to win the regional finals, and expecting otherwise would be akin to running a fool’s errand.


Royal Never Give Up has been the most impressive team of the season so far. The inclusion of Somnus and xNova not only bolstered a team constantly struggling to find success but also made them an instant force.

For a newly built team, RNG surprised many with their outstanding performance and clutch outmanoeuvring almost every opponent.

Somnus has been a beast in the mid lane while Chalice has been making absolute plays on the offlane. Overall, the team looks to be synergizing well especially with three new players joining the team.

While RNG’s loss to PSG.LGD was expected, their loss to LBZS was sort of a shocker. However, they recouped their loss and went on to win the remainder of the games.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see RNG place second in the regional finals.

Team Aster

While Team Aster’s performance has been solid throughout the season, their loss against two of the strong contenders – PSG.LGD and RNG – present a big “?”.

The team consists of well known figures in the Chinese competitive circuit with two of the best mid and carry players in the world, and a beautiful playmaking position 4. Yet, Team Aster seemed to be lacking when it came to decisive games.

They can very well place in the top two in the regional finals, but somehow the fire seems to be lacking. A third place finish is decent enough, no?


The black swan in the group is none other than EHOME.

The team doesn’t consist of well known figures in the scene. They don’t have star players amongst their ranks. All they have are five upcoming players having the zeal to prove themselves.

Their performance throughout the season has been shaky but it is to be expected out of a roster that is newly built. To their credits, they now know the exact intensity of competition prevailing in the Chinese scene.

They might be able to surprise but it is highly unlikely. Let them learn on the way, and improve. Their time is yet to come.

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