Rainbow Six: New season, same old problems

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The new season was a new dawn for Rainbow Six Siege players, as they looked forward to a world where defenders could see through smoke, attackers could use silent step, griefers and cheats would be punished and they would never die to another fully shielded Clash exploiting a bug. Well, Warden and Nøkk are here and seemingly well-balanced, the new team damage system is working nicely, but when it comes to Clash it’s just another day.

As a result of the fact Ubisoft haven’t managed to fix the exploit, which allows the fully-shielded Clash to ‘fire’ at their enemy without lowering the shield, therefore making her invincible, the developers have revealed they will be removing Clash and the deployable shield that is part of the exploit immediately. Presumably this will only last until they find a fix, but given the fact their last fix made it about 24hours before being undone fans of the operator shouldn’t hold their breath.

Silent, invincible insults

To add insult to the injury of losing rounds to an invincible electric lady, it turns out there is a bucketload of other exploits now sloshing around the game, most of which have made it to reddit. Silent running in a game where sound is key is a big one, as is players becoming stuck in parts of the map, making them impossible to kill, and both these issues have been seen in the post-patch period following the release of Y4S2.

Fixing the problems is also taking a lot longer than you’d expect, part of which is down to the fact a lot of the top streamers aren’t as vocal about it as they might be. This is probably due to the improved diligence Ubisoft puts into finding cheats in high profile PC games, as well as the fact that in those games people are all known to each other, and unlikely to exploit a bug for a small advantage when they could be improving their fundamental skills against the world’s best.

This should be embarrassing to the company at least as they seek to build on the slow and steady success of the game over the last few years. With the emergence of Team Empire as a credible contender to G2’s dominance in European Siege and the investments made by orgs like FaZe and Immortals into the South American Siege community, there is a lot to be proud of, but this is a black mark against the publishers, and needs to be fixed ASAP.

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