R6S APAC League 2022 - South Division Stage 1 last Playdays recap

Another important tournament for the R6S fancied APAC South has come to an end on April 14. The top four teams have a chance to qualify for the APAC 2022 Playoffs - Stage 1. In addition, the prize money of $41,000 was split evenly among the eight teams in the tournament.

Dire Wolves, Elevate, Chiefs Esports Club and Knights will represent their region at the APAC 2022 Playoffs. The next few days will tell us what their chances in the Playoffs look like.

Playday 6-7

Playday 6 and 7 have unfolded as follows:

Playday 6
WCG 4-7 DW
iG.Int 5-7 Knights
Playday 7
DW 7-5 Knights
iG.Int 2-7 CHF


As expected, Renatus beat FURY with a 7-4 result. This win was also Renatus' second win in the tournament. In the match against Wildcard Gaming on Playday 7, Renatus won again and finished the tournament in sixth place.

On the other hand, FURY 's performance in APAC South did not meet expectations. For seven days they could not get a win and on Playday 7 they finished the tournament as the eighth team with a loss against Elevate.

The second match of the Playday 6 was between Elevate and Chiefs Esports Club. The favourite of the match was Chiefs, but Elevate put up a great performance and won 7-2. As they also defeated FURY on Playday 7, they entered the playoffs as the second team in APAC South.

Even though the Chiefs lost on Matchday 6, their earlier wins were significant for them. After the win against iG. International, they now also have a chance to make the playoffs from the third position.

The undefeated Dire Wolves faced Wildcard Gaming on matchday 6. Although Wildcard's performance was respectable, they were unable to match Dire Wolves. By beating the Knights on Matchday 7, the undefeated Dire Wolves moved to the top of the APAC South standings.

On the final day of APAC South, Wildcard Gaming played Renatus. The game was hard fought and a 6-8 score is a testament to that. In the end, Wildcard Gaming lost once again, finishing seventh and losing their chance at the playoffs.

All eyes were on the Knights as they beat the Chiefs on match day 5. While some say it was luck, the Knights proved everyone wrong by beating the favourite iG. International with 7-5. After losing to Dire Wolves on Matchday 7, they finished in fourth place.

For iG. International things did not go well in the last two weeks. They lost to the Knights on matchday 6 and another loss was against the Chiefs 2-7. These defeats put them in fourth place.

Where do they go from here?

Looking at the APAC South rankings, Dire Wolves, Elevate, Chiefs Esports Club and Knights seem to be qualified for the APAC 2022 playoffs. In this tournament, they will try to get a chance to play in the Six Major.

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