R6S APAC League 2022 North Stage 1-Playday 3 schedule and betting odds

The competition of Asia-Pacific League 2022 - North Division - Stage 1 started on March 16 with the very first matches of Playday 1. Teams created an idea about their rosters, strategies and standings they will have at the end of the tournament.

While the hype of the tournament is still on top, it is a great opportunity for analysing the first matches of APAC North and checking the schedule of Playday 2.

Playday 1

Here are the results from Playday 1:

March 16
TALON 7-3 T1
RC 4-7 DK


The very first match of the APAC North was between the two greatest teams in Asia-Pacific region, Talon Esports and DAMWON Gaming. In this stormy competition, Hong Kong team Talon Esports won by 7-3.

In the second match of the tournament, FAV gaming became the winner against CYCLOPS athlete gaming. They showed a high level of performance and found a 7-2 score on the first day of APAC North.

Fnatic is another known team both globally and regionally. In a head to head match against SANDBOX Gaming, Fnatic got a win in their first match of APAC North.

One of the favourite teams of the tournament, DAMWON Gaming caught the win against REJECT on Playday 1. The Team has been on very high standard since the recent tournaments and it seems they will keep it for APAC North, too.

Playday 2

Second day of APAC North was like this:

March 18
DK 7-4 T1


The day started with a very exciting match, DAMWON Gaming and T1. It is right to say that T1 needs to improve some parts in their team since they are losing against their biggest rivals in the tournament for two days. Starting with a loss against Talon, they added a new one after being defeated by DAMWON.

Other than that, CYCLOPS got their first win in the tournament by winning against SANDBOX 7-2. FAV gaming was very eager to keep their win streak so they added another one by defeating Fnatic. With beating REJECT 7-4, Talon became the third team among DAMWON and FAV, being the only teams that won two matches in a row.

Playday 3 Schedule

The second day of the APAC North will be followed by these matches on March 23:

CYCLOPS athlete gaming (1.28) vs REJECT (3.30): 10:30 CET

FAV gaming (1.58) vs SANDBOX Gaming (2.25): 11:45 CET

T1 (2.70) vs Fnatic (1.40): 13:00 CET

DAMWON Gaming (1.45) vs Talon Esports (2.60): 14:15 CET

When we look at the matches, the first important match we see is between DAMWON and Talon. So far, they both played against another strong team T1 and both were the winners. Now, it’s a good time to compare their roster and see who is the real favourite of APAC North.

Also, the competition between Fnatic and T1 will be a very interesting match. As we can see, T1 is having a very hard schedule playing against three strongest teams of the Asia-Pacific region. T1 will put everything to the table for a win but Fnatic is the favourite.

FAV gaming is on the top of the tournament by their in-game scores. Now, they will play against SANDOX. Checking the schedule and rosters, we can see that SANDBOX did not have any wins for two days. Also, FAV is showing a very good performance in the tournament. They can keep their standing against SANDBOX.

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