Steam charts: Fortnite and PUBG carry the fight to CSGO and Dota

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At this point in esports history, the ‘daed game’ meme has outlasted a number of games, showing that it does have a decent place in the landscape, but sometimes it’s thrown around as bait, rather than fact. Fans of rivals to CSGO and Dota love to poke at the player numbers of those titles, or those occasions where viewing figures seem underwhelming, and use that as proof the game itself is dying, but it seems as though Valve’s twin babies are just as healthy and happy as they’ve ever been.

According to Steamcharts.com, a site that provides a snapshot into what Valve users are currently playing, Dota 2 currently has well over 800,000 concurrent users, putting it at the top of the charts at times this month, ahead of PUBG at certain points. It sits second only to said battle royale in peak players, too, with 874,888, compared to the 1,084,606 achieved by PUBG.


The Steam charts show there has been an increase in players due to the popularity of Dota Auto Chess, another custom made game that fans and streamers alike have embraced, but that is only built on the phenomenal player base the game already enjoys. With the Chongqing Major recently complete, the esports scene is also thriving as usual, and anticipation for TI9 is growing rapidly.

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Likewise, CSGO has seen a huge upswing in player numbers over the past 60 days, with massive increases seen across November, according to the Steam charts. Some of the success has to do with the introduction of Danger Zone, the new battle royale mode, and some has to do with the fact it is now free to play, but it’s hard to criticise those decisions when all they do is give the game the same cost and status as titles like Fortnite, which have been free since day one.

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In terms of monthly uniques alone, Newzoo rated League of Legends as the most popular PC game worldwide, ahead of Fortnite and CSGO, but that was in the second quarter of 2018. Epic Games, which, of course, has its own launcher, and whose games do not appear on Steamcharts, claims to have roughly 40 million players who log in on a monthly basis to play Fortnite, which, if accurate, would put it right in competition with LoL, if not ahead of the game.

With ESL and other mainstream esports giants getting into Fortnite in 2019, it will be interesting to see what impact the further expansion into the competitive scene has on the casual player base. It may even be that Epic will make a decision about supporting the esports side using that data, as there is no reason Fortnite has to be an esport, just because League or Dota currently are.

There is no doubt the cartoon shooter has had a huge impact on the gaming space, but reports of the death of the old giants have been greatly exaggerated, as the numbers show. Part of that is innovation, and part of it just down to the quality of the product itself, and it’s great news for the esports ecosystem to see them challenged, and hold firm, even with their ages.

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