Chongqing Major first step if 2019 is to be PSG.LGD's year

Normally, a strong narrative requires both a protagonist and an antagonist, a hero and a villain, to make the story truly pop. Sometimes, though, there is a tale told where it is hard to root against any of the involved parties, because they all have a reason you want them to win and both sport and esports are great for this. The tragedy of defeat and the triumph of victory exist in the same space, before the same eyes, to show the entirety of what competition really means.


There have been few tales told more beautifully in 2019 than that of the TI8 final, immortalised by Valve in their film True Sight and that is the perfect example of a tale with no villain. OG and Ceb could not fail to win the hearts of millions, and rightly so, but the vanquished PSG.LGD side that fell to them in the final showed such grace, dignity and human vulnerability that for many it was heart-wrenching to watch them lose again, even knowing the result.

Part of that came down to the fact that for long stretches, it seemed like PSG were even the better side, but lacked the resolve OG brought. However, from the fiery pits of despair a phoenix could rise, similar to the one PSG.LGD brought to the TI final with such effect, as 2019 has the potential to not just be a big one for Chinese Dota, but PSG.LGD in particular, as they are poised to win a plethora of prizes in the best-paying esport there is.

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Chongqing is step one

As you must know, there is a Major happening in China very soon indeed, and a number of the big teams are turning up understrength. Liquid have no Miracle-, The Pango are missing a player, and OG didn’t even make the event, looking closer to an albino Samson in the absence of their Aussie star ana. With PSG comfortably one of the best teams in world Dota, there is a great chance they could win any event featuring those teams, and of course they have extra reasons to be cheerful ahead of Chongqing.

Of the Chinese teams, they are the best at present, although the Vici Gaming revival has been impressive and it’s great to see EHOME back where they belong. That will set them in great stead in front of the home fans, who they can count of for support if TI8 is anything to go by, and also set them up will for another tournament taking place in Shanghai, later in 2019, which they must surely burn for at this stage.

We are talking about TI9, of course, the crown jewel of the Dota calendar and the one thing that is sure to dominate the mind of every professional player. A home crowd and a good start to the year will put PSG firmly in position to make another run at the title, and the experience of losing to OG will only have steeled their resolve and made clear what they need to change to go the extra step and lift the Aegis.


That is all assuming every team at TI9 is at full strength of course, when we can’t even be sure of that yet. With visa issues unlikely to hurt the PSG.LGD cause, that could end up being yet another small win that goes their way prior to the event, if an EG, VP or Liquid cannot field their starting five.

All of this still depends on Somnus, fy and the rest learning from their mistakes at TI8 of course, but the amount of feedback they must have received puts them in a great position to improve. With all the portents in a line, they look very positive indeed for the TI8 runners up, and 2019 could well be the year of PSG.LGD as a result.

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