Prove you're a Dota buff with our Kuala Lumpur Major quiz

Dota 2

So you think you're a bit of a Dota buff, eh? Well, now it's time to prove it.

Inspired by the first major of the 2018-19 DPC season - the Kuala Lumpur Major - we've set a fiendishly difficult challenge that will test even the most die hard of Dota fans.

You have three minutes to answer 25 questions about the teams, players, qualifiers and Dota in general. GLHF!

Are you a Dota buff?

Shout about your score

How did you do?

0-7 correct: Courier
7-15 correct: First blood
15-20 correct: Triple kill
20-25 correct: RAMPAGE!

Remember to challenge your friends and share your score with us on Twitter and Facebook.

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Bogdan Bugariu