The best Prisma Case skins from the latest CSGO update

We had a huge update to CSGO this month, one that could potentially break the competitive landscape and alter the way the premier FPS is played forever, but there was more than just meta development to talk about. As is often the case, Valve also decided to distract us with a shiny new collection of skins, known as the Prisma Case, to give your game that new skin-smell, if you’re willing to invest the cash required in the community-designed collection.

Opinions are of, course, subjective, but we thought we’d run the rule over the latest in a long line of looks for your pistols, shotties and, as this is 2019, AUGs. With a new AWP skin and a collection of extremely stylish knives, Valve has everything you need to stay sharp and look your best, provided you have the cash to cough up for the latest set of items that the company themselves didn’t design, make or think of, but will still make profit from…

Prisma Case guns


There is a new AK, in stylish gold, and an Emperor variant for the M4A4 too, but our personal favourites from this collection when it comes to the guns are a little more…handy. The new Desert Eagle is a sleek affair, the sort of which would look really good one-tapping your opponent at range, and the Five-Seven Angry Mob is, well, quite the opposite.

A riot of colour and cool imagery makes it looks a little toy-ish, but it’s going to amuse those players with a more colourful sense of humour. Oh, and there is an AWP with a snake on it.


Prisma Case knives


There is a real variety about the new shivs and shanks in CSGO this season, with some looking ultra realistic, and others going in a different direction. The Damascus Steel and Rust Coat skins look gorgeous, and very much realistic, while the new Ultraviolet range has a more matte, gaming feel to it.

Tiger tooth and Doppler won’t be for everyone, but along with the new Marble Fade, they’ll add yet more colour in with that is a pretty vibrant case, all things considered. Great work by the community once more, and time to start chasing those drops.