Post-TI9 Roster Shuffle

It is fast becoming Dota 2 tradition that when The International ends, the frenetic roster shuffles begins. TI9 is proving to be no exception, with a slew of players leaving their teams as well as some teams releasing their entire roster of players.

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Mineski lose three

Nikobaby, Bimbo, and Ninjaboogie have left Mineski after a respectable showing where they finished 9th-12th at TI9, winning $686,499. This was far from a poor performance, and these 3 players are likely to be snapped up by a new team very quickly.


Complexity release entire team

It was another disappointing season for Dota 2 division of this legendary esports team. Failing to get out of the group stage of the TI9 NA qualifier may have been the last straw for Complexity, who have decided they want to field Tier 1 teams only. As a result, the entire squad has been released: Limmp, Zfreek, Adam, Meracle, and tavo.

T1 enters the Dota arena

Exciting news from South Korea, as T1 have decided to begin building a Dota 2 team. Their first acquisition is Forev, formerly of MVP Hot 6 who had an incredible run in 2016 leading up to TI6. More recently, Forev has had success with J.Storm and is still considered one of the best South Korean Dota players.

This is huge news for Dota fans, as T1 have had a lot of success in both Starcraft and League of Legends. While Dota 2 doesn’t make the same splash in South Korea, seeing T1 show an interest could mean a revival of the game in the region.

No shuffle for Alliance

Despite a year of changes for many Dota 2 teams, Alliance have decided to stick with their players. Kelly confirmed that no changes have been made, despite the 13th-16th finish at TI9. While the BO1 game vs RNG knocked them out, it seems that Alliance are looking to keep working with their team.