Playday 5 approaches in R6 APAC South Division Stage 1

APAC Division Stage 1 continues unabated. The first four Playdays are over. Playday 3 and 4 were played out last week.

The result of the aforementioned Playdays and Playday 5 schedule and betting odds are in our article.

APAC South Division Stage 1 Playday 3 results

  • Wildcard Gaming 4 - 7 Elevate

As expected, Elevate finished ahead 7-4 in a magnificent match where the excitement did not stop even for a second.

  • Knights 7 - 1 FURY

The Knights had a comfortable win against FURY. Their rivals failed to perform above expectations.

  • Chiefs Esports Club 7 - 3 Renatus

Chiefs Esports Club, one of the favourite teams of APAC, did not have much difficulty against Renatus.

  • Dire Wolves W - FF iG.International

iG.International forfeited and lost their match against Dire Wolves due to internet issues.

APAC South Division Stage 1 Playday 4

  • Dire Wolves 7 - 4 FURY

The Dire Wolves were expected to perform well on Stage 1, but so far they are doing well above expectations. All their matches have been pretty competitive, and they have been doing pretty well so far.

  • Wildcard Gaming 5 - 7 Chiefs Esports Club

Although Chiefs Esports Club won against Wildcard Gaming, they were expected to have an easier win.

  • Elevate 7 - 2 Knights

One of the most competitive matches of the tournament was expected between Elevate and the Knights, but the former emerged victorious without much difficulty.

  • Renatus 1 - 7 iG.International

iG.International is doing pretty well apart from their unlucky loss at Playday 3.

Current standings

Place Team Points
1st Dire Wolves 12p
2nd Chiefs Esports Club 9p
3rd iG.International 9p
4th Elevate 6p
5th Knights 6p
6th Wildcard Gaming 3p
7th Renatus 3p
8th FURY 0p


APAC South Division Stage 1 Playday 5 matches

Chiefs Esports Club is expected to win against the Knights. However, this match, which is quite important for both teams, is definitely worth the attention.

Dire Wolves is doing great so far, but the same cannot be said for Renatus. We are faced with a probable winner marching out of this series.

Both teams have not achieved the results they expected. Wildcard Gaming is expected to win this match.

Another great match will take place between iG.International and Elevate. Although iG.International is the favourite side, this match should not to be missed. Elevate should not be underestimated.

APAC South Division Stage 1 is getting more and more exciting. Don't forget to follow the tournament on Luckbox.

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