Play like Topson: Making Primal Beast look easy

Learning a hero can be extremely difficult, especially in the beginning, but one can always find ways to improve and enhance their learning experience.

One of the most effective methods is watching pro players through their stream. Trying out a new hero on your own sounds really cool, but why the extra hassle when you can quickly grasp onto what it does through other means?

New hero introduced by Valve in the 7.31 patch, Primal Beast, has been making waves in pub games with an obnoxiously high win rate.

Two times TI Champion, Topson, shows exactly how to play the creepy hero in a near flawless fashion in the mid lane through one of his streams

Topson’s Early Game Focus

Image: Valve

In his pub game, Topson laid more emphasis on attaining more levels in the lane as compared to his opponent, Batrider.

His entire gameplay in the early game revolved around three things:

  • Outleveling his opponent
  • Focusing on his core starting items
  • Prioritising hero skills

Topson’s scrupulous execution on Primal Beast made him get to an early level 6 by the end of 4 minutes.

He maximises “Trample” along with “Uproar” as his ability. The perfect active-passive aforementioned skillset gels like a fine wine and gives Primal Beast the ability to harass his enemy.

Voila! He secures an early Batrider kill under the enemy Tier-1 tower and Bat’s Firefly and Sticky Napalm ability, thus reaching level 6 in about 4 minutes.

Topson’s Early-Mid Game Item Focus

Topson’s choice of item build makes a lot of sense when you come to think of it.

Rushing straight into “Boots of Travel” along with “Soul Ring” and “Magic Wand” as his early game items explains why Primal Beast can be a menace in the right hands.

Boots of Travel provides increased movement speed, whereas Soul Ring and Magic Wand provides enhanced mana and health regeneration.

Focusing on constant inflow of mana is of utmost importance if one wants to play Primal Beast, considering the fact that it has a low mana pool and high mana cost for its active spells.

By effectively utilising the above trifecta, Topson wreaks havoc in any lane he goes to, especially with his Onslaught, Trample and Pulverise abilities.

Topson’s Mid-Late Game Item Focus

Topson’s next string of items focuses on building a Black King Bar that grants magic immunity when activated and Kaya & Sange that grants status resistance, damage and mana regeneration.

This choice of item build allows Primal Beast to trample on his enemies for a longer duration of time.

Being a strength based hero, status resistance is of utmost importance and any build that compliments towards his core nature is always helpful.

Topson Easily Secures Stacked Ancient Camps

Topson easily utilises Primal Beast’s Trample ability to score tons of stacked Ancient Camps with relative ease that too with less items in his inventory.

As mentioned earlier, prioritising farm – lane creeps, ancient creeps or hero kills – is extremely important for Primal Beast as he starts to wane off during the late game.

In the end, he’s a perfect hero to scale up until the early late game.

Play like Topson. Learn from Topson. Watch Topson.

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