Schedule and times as play-in stage for Worlds 2019 goes live

The play-in stage of Worlds 2019 goes live on Wednesday with six matches from Berlin on day one.

Twelve teams are divided into four groups, with the top two advancing to the Worlds 2019 play-in stage knock out.

The full Worlds 2019 schedule can be found here.


What's the play-in schedule?

The group stage of Worlds 2019 play-in stage will be held from Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019 to Saturday, October 5th, 2019.

All live streams can be found on the LoL Worlds 2019 tournament page, where fans can make their predictions on the matches for the chance to win real cash.


Check out the latest LoL Worlds 2019 play-in standings now.

Day 1, October 2nd

1pm CEST - Clutch Gaming vs Unicorns Of Love
2pm CEST - DetonatioN FocusMe vs Splyce
3pm CEST - MAMMOTH vs Unicorns Of Love
4pm CEST - DetonatioN FocusMe vs Isurus Gaming
5pm CEST - MAMMOTH vs Clutch Gaming
6pm CEST - Splyce vs Isurus Gaming

Day 2, October 3rd

1pm CEST - DAMWON Gaming vs Royal Youth
2pm CEST - Honk Kong Attitude - MEGA
3pm CEST - DAMWON Gaming vs Flamengo eSports
4pm CEST - MEGA vs Lowkey Esports
5pm CEST - Royal Youth vs Flamengo eSports
6pm CEST - Hong Kong Attitude vs Lowkey Esports

Day 3, October 4th

12pm CEST - Unicorns Of Love vs Clutch Gaming
1pm CEST - Splyce vs DetonatioN FocusMe
2pm CEST - Unicorns Of Love vs MAMMOTH
3pm CEST - Isurus Gaming vs DetonatioN FocusMe
4pm CEST - Clutch Gaming vs MAMMOTH
5pm CEST - Isurus Gaming vs Splyce

Day 4, Ocotber 5th

12pm CEST - DAMWON Gaming vs Royal Youth
1pm CEST - Hong Kong Attitude vs MEGA
2pm CEST - Flamengo eSports vs DAMWON Gaming
3pm CEST - Lowkey Esports vs MEGA4
4pm CEST - Falmengo eSports vs Royal Youth
5pm CEST - Lowkey Esports vs Hong Kong Attitude


Play-in knockout stage

The LoL Worlds 2019 play-in stage knockout stage will take place on October 7th and October 8th, with the winners of each progressing to the main event group stage.

Team who finished first of their play-in groups will face teams that finished second of theirs in a single best-of-five match. The winners of each match advance to League of Legends World Championship Main Event group stage.

Day 5, October 7th

1pm CEST
6pm CEST

Day 6, October 8th

1pm CEST
6pm CEST

Picture: LoL Esports / Flickr