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The latest installment of Play With Luckbox is on its way and this week's game will be Dota Auto Chess.

During our Play With Luckbox sessions, members of the Luckbox team and our Discord server get together to play a chosen game.

Our regular Play With Luckbox happen each week across a variety of games in our friendly and welcoming Discord server.

See you there

The next Play With Luckbox will take place on Wednesday, January 23rd, from 6pm GMT / 7pm CET in our Discord server. Whether you're a Dota Auto Chess master or a complete noob, everyone is welcome to play in our friendly and welcoming sever.

Dota Auto Chess

For those not in the know, Dota Auto Chess is a custom game built in the Dota universe. Eight players do battle, with pieces that are Dota 2 heroes, which start with 100hp. The aim of the game is to be the last hero standing.

The game is not quite chess, and not quite Dota, though, unsurprisingly, it has elements of both games. It is highly strategic and managing economy is very important.

How to play

Dota Auto Chess is playable through Dota 2 as a custom map or available via Steam.

As always, the best way to get familiar with the game is to give it a go.

Join the community

Join the Luckbox Discord server to chat with other Dota players and the Luckbox team - including Redeye.

Dota Auto Chess guide

There is an excellent guide to Dota Auto Chess on Reddit, that goes deep into the strategy of the game.

For beginners, perhaps the most pertinent part of the guide is as follows:

The chess board is 8 x 8 squares and players can place pieces in their 4 x 8 section of of the board. The maximum number of pieces you can have on board is your chess count (population) at the time. There are also eight reserve slots for you to store pieces you bought but not currently in use.

You might be storing some units to try to upgrade to level two or three units later, or just something you think you will go that direction or even blocking other people from using it.

All the chess pieces are Dota 2 heroes, each piece/hero has its own unique ability e.g. sniper assassinate. Each piece/hero also belongs to two classes, which is clearly labelled when you click on the piece or when you are shopping for the pieces.

For example, troll warlord is called troll warrior, as in troll for the race and warrior for the class. Drow ranger is called undead hunter, as undead for the race and hunter for the class.

The races and classes are very important and are the main sources of the synergy because each race/class offer unique advantages. For example, it is clearly labelled that when you have 3 hunters, you get 25% extra damage for all the hunters, or when you have 3 orc units, all your orc units have 250 more health.

Also you will only get the benefit when the pieces on in play (not on reserve), and when you have these many different heroes (2 drow ranger count as 1 for this purpose). To level up pieces from level 1 to level 2 or from 2 to 3, you need to do it during the 30 seconds strategy time between rounds, place all 3 of the pieces on empty slot of your side of the chess board, and a levelled up unit is automatically created. Let me share the recently very popular strategies first and then some tips on how to get there.


James McMathMedia manager at Luckbox.

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