PGL updated the rules for RMR tournaments again

PGL has announced yet another format adjustment for the Americas RMR, the second in several days. PGL announced a BO3 tiebreaker for the two 3-0 teams in the Swiss format to determine who would get the solitary Legends stage place available in the Americas RMR.

It seems like the second time's the charm when it comes to Americas RMR after a recent backlash about the current rule set which we’ll explain below.

What rules have changed for the PGL RMR?

  • PGL has modified a few qualification standards for the Swiss format being used for the American RMR.
  • This comes only 24 hours after FURIA's CEO and founder, Jaime Padua, emphasised how the Buchholz system will harm the American RMR.
  • Recent changes were yet to satisfy the teams in Americas so here comes a second one.

First things first;

In general, the adjustments ought to have an impact on RMR events that will be hosted under the Swiss method (America and Europe). But PGL stressed that the adjustments will solely affect the American championship in the framework of the new regulations. That was true up until the second announcement.

On April 6th, FURIA's CEO and founder emphasised how the Buchholz method used for the American RMR might cause issues for the competing teams.

Because there is only one 'Legend Status' place for the American RMR and two teams that will conclude with a '3-0' scoreline, it may cause some issues because the Buchholz system awards more points to teams who defeat superior opponents.

This might result in an unjust decision, thus Jaime Pádua proposed that an additional best-of-three tie breaker be adopted for all teams that finish with a '3-0,' '3-1,' or '3-2' scoreline.

Via Jaime Padua

PGL later implemented the suggestion within 24 hours for teams that would conclude with a '3-2' result. On April 15th, two decider matches will be played to determine which teams qualify for the Antwerp Major.

The solution appears to be adopted just for teams that finish with a '3-2' scoreline; the top three teams qualifying will continue to be determined using the Buchholz system.

But this was a half-hearted solution at best and so the journey of tournament rule changes continues:

Following much criticism, PGL added tiebreaker matches for the 3-2 games but kept the 3-0 games out until today's follow-up statement.

Second RMR Rules update

Many people will be delighted with this decision, which now allows teams more choice over how they place in the tournament, rather than relying simply on the seeding of teams and their opponents.

Finally, because this is a Valve-sanctioned tournament, PGL needed Valve's permission to make any changes to the format. Yesterday's format adjustment was a promising step, but the following addition of tiebreakers for the Legends place will be welcomed by both fans and clubs.

It is also worth noting that PGL made similar adjustments to the two European RMRs in the same statement, with each RMR now containing a decider BO3 to help sort out the allocation of Legends seats available.

Final PGL RMR Format for Americas and Europe A - B groups

What is even the Bucholz system you may ask, click on the link below to find out.

Swiss Stage:

  • 16 Team Swiss System Format
  • Elimination and Advancement matches are Bo3
  • All other matches are Bo1
  • The Buchholz system is used to seed matches from Round 3 to 5
  • 6th place decider is resolved via a Bo3 single-elimination gauntlet
  • 1st place decider is resolved via a Bo3 single-elimination match
  • Top 6 Teams proceed to the PGL Major Antwerp
  • Bottom 10 Teams are eliminated

We’ll be following up with a guide for popular esports tournaments formats this weekend so make sure you stay tuned to our website.

The Americas RMR began in Bucharest, Romania on April 11th and rolls on with full steam.