PGL Arlington Major 2022: Last day of group stage

At the PGL Arlington Major 2022, the playoffs begin tomorrow. All the teams that will advance to the playoffs in Group B have been announced. In Group A, almost nothing is known yet and everything will be revealed later today.

Today, we take a look at the possibilities in Group A and then the results of Group B. Let’s start.

Things heat up in Group A of PGL Arlington Major 2022

In the tournament played five days in a row, only the first and last place in Group A was determined. The ranking of the other seven teams is still unclear.

Place Team W/D/L
1st PSG.LGD 6-1-0
2nd Fnatic 2-5-1
3rd Outsiders 2-4-1
4th OG 2-3-2
4th Royal Never Give Up 2-3-2
6th Team Liquid 1-4-2
7th Talon Esports 1-3-3
7th Thunder Awaken 0-5-2
9th Soniqs 0-4-3


OG will likely win against Talon Esports. While there is a possibility of a draw, the odds of Talon Esports winning are very difficult. The ranking of OG and Talon Esports may vary considerably depending on the results of this and other matches. It is a vital match for both teams.

Thunder Awaken did not do well at the PGL Arlington Major 2022. Now they will face PSG.LGD, first place in Group A, and try not to get eliminated from the tournament. The odds of winning for Thunder Awaken are pretty low, but there may be a chance for them if PSG.LGD gets complacent.

Soniqs has been confirmed to finish last in the group and be eliminated from the PGL Arlington Major 2022. For Outsiders, this is a quite important game to start the playoffs from the upper bracket. They will probably win by not giving their opponents a chance.

  • Royal Never Give Up - Team Liquid (August 8 - 17:00 CEST)

The most anticipated match of the week will be played between Royal Never Give Up and Team Liquid. Although both teams have performed similarly so far, Royal Never Give Up is one step ahead at the moment. For this reason, it seems more likely that Royal Never Give Up will win or draw the series.

Breaths are held on the last day of the group stage of the PGL Arlington Major 2022. Which teams do you think will be successful? You can watch the matches of the teams you support and place bets on Luckbox. If you sign up now, you will get a 100% deposit bonus.

Credit: PGL

Interesting results in Group B of the PGL Arlington Major 2022

We encountered a different picture than expected in Group B. The teams performed very closely to each other.

Place Team W/D/L
1st Team Aster 3-4-0
2nd Entity 3-3-1
3rd Team Spirit 3-3-1
4th BOOM Esports 2-3-2
5th Evil Geniuses 2-2-3
6th beastcoast 1-4-2
7th Natus Vincere 2-1-4
8th Tundra Esports 0-4-3


One of the most surprising results is that Entity finished second in the group with their amazing performance. One of the most surprising results was that Tundra Esports was eliminated from the tournament with 4 draws. They became "Tundraw Esports" with their performance and withdrew from the tournament “with draws”. Let's hope they have a better “group draw” next time.

Depending on the results of the matches to be played today, tiebreaker matches may be played, and this looks very likely. You can watch these matches and place bets on Luckbox as well. Don't forget to follow Luckbox and join the excitement of PGL Arlington Major 2022.