Pedal to the metal: Where to pay attention while watching Rocket League

Nowadays, when it comes to competitive esports, the first types of games that come to mind are usually FPS, MOBA, among others. When we look at the viewing numbers, we see that these types of games always reach their peak and appeal to a very wide audience on behalf of esports.

But there is a game that has stood out from all these genres that we are talking about and created its own original style and managed to appeal to large societies in a short span. Rocket League, created by combining a passion for cars and football, continues to entertain all football and car lovers.

In today's topic, we talk about what viewers should pay attention to and how they can improve their viewing quality in Rocket League tournaments. Here is the Top 5 list.


Another element in which Rocket League players compete, other than their opponents, is time itself. Since the team that manages to score the most points against its opponent within a 5-Minute period wins the game, all players also carefully follow the time bar that stands at the top and set up their plans accordingly.

Credit: Rocket League

If you are going to analyze the plans and tactics of professionals to better understand them, keep an eye on the time to see how they act when they have limited time or have enough time.

Boost Meter

Credit: Rocket League

Before talking about the importance of watching Boost Meter in Rocket League tournaments, it is necessary to mention the Boost feature that Rocket League offers to players, which makes everything related to the game even more beautiful.

Boost is a power that allows players to increase their speed for a short time and even allow them to fly. Players try to get a win by tactically shaping this power according to the course of the game. It is possible to be creative thanks to this ability which increases the action inside the game even more.

While watching Rocket League, you should also follow the Boost Meter carefully to observe how often players use the boost feature and what they do or are about to do, in order to improve yourself and your joy of watching the game. You can find it on the right bottom corner of the game screen.

Boost Pad

Credit: Rocket League

Earlier we talked about the unique features of Rocket League, how important Boost is, and the importance of following Boost Meter to better understand professionals while watching Rocket League tournaments.

Another factor that we see in the match, and no matter how fine the detail is, is the Boost Pad, which helps the players a lot. Boost Pad is a feature located on the ground on the playing field that increases the Boost features as players move over it. Players who have a reduced boost feature or need an extra one can take advantage of it.

A special feature for those watching is that players can see how they spend their Boosts and get to the Boost Pad, how they mix these features that they have collected from the ground with their tactics.

If you take into account this little detail, your viewing pleasure will be doubled.


Taking a position and having vision in competitive esports games and even in other sports is one of the biggest elements that secures you the win. It is also a great sign of professionalism to see where your teammates are located and be able to anticipate what they will do and act accordingly.

Getting a position is just as important for Rocket League as it is for other games. Players who distribute tasks at the very beginning of the game can follow each other on the field to observe how faithful the plan is to be or if there is a change in the plan.

For players who are struggling on the forward line, it is also possible to take advantage of all the benefits of taking a position with a few small mathematical calculations and foresight.

Watching these things unfold, and being able to observe how they are located on the field according to the course of the game, will help you to better understand the game in Rocket League esports, and will allow you to understand the behavior of professionals.

Special movements

One of the features that distinguishes Rocket League from all other esports is that it not only gives you the pleasure of playing football with the flying cars it offers, but also allows you to shoot anywhere in the car, using these cars as you wish.

Credit: Rocket League

Rocket League players who are struggling on the professional field use special movements until the end, and it gives them the chance to create endless creativity and entertainment within the game, as well as taking full advantage of everything that the game has to offer them.

Watching these shows on the tournament grounds, will increase your viewing quality and allow you to better understand everything and like the game more.

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