Peanut and Chovy! - Gen.G 2022 League of Legends roster

One of the most important teams in Korean League of Legends history, Gen.G, has put together one of the best rosters for 2022. Only keeping iconic ADC Ruler from last year, the roster and the coaching staff has changed fully. It looks like Gen.G won’t accept staying behind of T1 and DWG KIA this year.

Skilled and reliable top laner of KT Rolster, Doran, 2021’s rising star Peanut, best mid laner in the world for a lot of analysts, Chovy, and prodigy support whom we met during the unforgettable Griffin days, Lehends. With this roster, Gen.G won’t take second place as a satisfying ending. The coaching staff, led by legendary player Score who became the head coach of the team, will have to help these players get those trophies back to Gen.G.

Why did Gen.G change their roster?

After Worlds 2017 and the rebranding of the organization, Gen.G couldn’t stay on top of LCK for once. The team was either surpassed by T1 or DWG, although they had competitive rosters, including players like Clid, Bdd and Ruler. After the last summer split where they ended up third place losing against T1 and lost against EDG 3-2 in Worlds semifinals, it was time for change at Gen.G.

The timings also helped. Chovy’s contract was running out, the old prodigy jungler who is one of the experienced players of LCK now, Peanut, had a great form in 2021 and they could bring in a better support for Ruler. Gen.G took those chances. In the meantime, the organization was criticized for telling Clid that he won’t have a place in the team so late that he couldn’t find a team for 2022. One of the best junglers in LCK won’t have a home next year, but in any case, this roster is one of the most competitive rosters Gen.G has had in years.

Chovy and Peanut joins Gen.G

Before Chovy and Peanut, let’s talk about Doran and Lehends a little bit. We met both of them at Griffin, where Doran was added to the roster to replace inconsistent top laner Sword. Lehends on bot lane was one of the superstars of the team, and he would affect the game plan dearly.

Years went by, Griffin was dissolved because of bad management and dramas, but these two found themselves after two years. Doran last played for the disappointing KT Rolster. Lehends’ stop before Gen.G was Afreeca Freecs, where he played with Bang and Leo on bot lane. Although the team’s roster looked well with Kiin, Fly and Lehends, they couldn’t make it further than sixth place in both splits.

If you are an old LCK fan like me, you know Peanut for a long time now. He is one of the most famous League of Legends players, but especially after his SKT T1 run, Peanut isn’t the Peanut who hyped up the fans during 2016. He played for teams like Longzhu, Kingzone DragonX, Gen.G and LGD and even won an extra LCK trophy, but he couldn’t reach that performance.

Image via Riot Games

This year, at Nongshim RedForce, Peanut has proved himself once again, and deserved to be the jungler of Chovy, while Clid, although being still good, was looking shaky. With a team which has Doran, Peanut, Ruler and Lehends, I think Gen.G made the right decision to send Bdd in exchange for Peanut to NS and take Chovy from the free agents market.

Chovy is also a player we met from that old Griffin roster. He started playing in the LCK as soon as he could, while 17-years-old, and he has amazed us during the last three years. He was the first professional League of Legends player to have 100 overall KDA, and he became the fastest player to reach 1000 kills in the LCK (although ShowMaker broke his record later that year). I’m telling you what every fan thinks of: Finally, a roster where Chovy can reach his potential and become the champion.

Hopefully, he won’t become “Choky” this year, and we will witness a beautiful story.

Full roster of Gen.G

By making their decisions early and following them, Gen.G became one of the first teams to reveal their full team in LCK. Find the full roster and coaching staff below.




Top Laner




Mid Laner


Bot Laner




Head Coach





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