The Paris Major American RMR round 2 matches have been postponed

The round two matches of the Paris Major 2023: American RMR have been postponed due to technical issues. Paris Major 2023: American RMR schedule and betting odds

The decision to postpone the round two matches has been made after round one was beset with a series of technical issues, resulting in them starting nearly two hours late.

Even before the matches kicked off, teams were reporting several problems with the hotel hosting the American RMR matches. Reports quickly emerged that the hotel was experiencing several internet and power outages, with teams taking to Twitter to complain (and joke) about the situation.

The situation went from bad to worse, however, with coaches complaining about the microphones and headphones in the arena, claiming that they were unable to hear or speak to their teams.

Due to these technical issues, the originally-planned start time of 03:45 AM GMT for the round two matches was looking increasingly unlikely. There was a real risk that the round one matches may not have concluded by then, and teams were facing the very real likelihood of being forced to play into the night in the Mexican hotel.

As a result, organisers Liga ACE decided to postpone the matches, which will now begin at 20:00 GMT today (April 7). The new round 2 schedule is now as follows:

FURIA Esports (1.25) vs Evil Geniuses (3.88) - 20:00 GMT
Team Liquid (1.12) vs Flamengo Esports (5.92) - 20:00 GMT
Complexity Gaming (2.04) vs paiN Gaming (1.75) - 21:15 GMT
BESTIA (2.45) vs Fluxo (1.53) - 21:15 GMT
Imperial (1.19) vs LOS + oNe (4.49) - 22:30 GMT
MIBR (1.55) vs 00Nation (2.40) - 22:30 GMT
yur (3.16) vs Nouns (1.35) - 2:45 AM GMT (April 8)
Paquetá Gaming (1.89) vs Team Solid (1.89) - 2:45 AM (April 8)

The teams at the American RMR are fighting for the right to compete in the Paris Major, due to take place from May 8-21. You'll be able to follow along with that, and everything else in Counter-Strike, via our handy upcoming CS:GO match schedule. And if you're in the mood for some CS:GO betting, why not claim your free 100% bonus?