Paper Rex - APAC champions dominate Masters Copenhagen

Masters Copenhagen has reached the final weekend, and only four teams are left for the championship race. Considering their opponents, we wouldn’t be surprised if Paper Rex were playing in the lower bracket right now but after defeating both Guild Esports and Fnatic 2-0, PRX managed to stay flawless.

If you don’t know much about them, that’s normal: Paper Rex is the Asia-Pacific champion of VALORANT esports. Even South Korea has more exposure to Western audiences than APAC. We are here to get you acquainted with Paper Rex before the final weekend starts. Let’s take a look at their journey.

Paper Rex in 2022

Paper Rex was founded by Swedish Counter-Strike legend dsn. His team and Southeast Asia didn’t see a lot of success in 2021, but Paper Rex led their region to victory in 2022. After winning Malaysia & Singapore Stage 1 Challengers, Paper Rex defeated XERXIA 3-2 to win the APAC Challengers and enter Masters Reykjavík as the APAC champion.

Thanks to this success, Paper Rex bypassed the group stage and started from the playoffs. Even though they were defeated by DRX, PRX continued to first take down NA champion The Guard and EMEA champion G2 Esports 2-0. An unlucky loss against Japan’s ZETA DIVISION kept them in fourth place with $65,000 prize money, but Paper Rex managed to make a name for themselves.

The next stop was regional tournaments and once again, Paper Rex dominated their local one to participate in APAC Stage 2 Challengers. PRX won the APAC Challengers without losing a single series, defeating XERXIA in the grand final 3-0. Thus, they could bypass the group stage again and start directly from the playoffs.

This was the time for Paper Rex to shine: and they took it. They once again impressed the world with their unique VALORANT gameplay to dominate EMEA representatives. If you want to watch their games, you can find live streams on Luckbox. Sign up now to grab your 100% bonus before placing your bets.

Paper Rex in VALORANT Masters Copenhagen

After the group stage results, Guild Esports became the first opponent of Paper Rex in the upper bracket quarter-finals. Guild started confidently as they outperformed OpTic Gaming in the groups, but Paper Rex wasn’t here to be bullied by anyone.

On Ascent, Paper Rex started with a strong performance. A six-round winning streak led to PRX securing an 8-4 lead in the first half, finishing the map 13-4. The following map was Fracture, PRX’s choice. After two 6-6 halves, a single overtime was enough for Paper Rex to win the map 14-12 and send Guild Esports to the lower bracket. With his 245 average combat score, 39/36 K/D and 154 average damage per round, f0rsakeN took the MVP award playing Chamber and Neon.

The APAC champion faced the EMEA champion Fnatic in the next round. Fnatic picked Ascent as the first map of the series, but the first half was 6-6. It was apparent that Fnatic was a closer match for PRX than Guild. mindfreak was 28-14 on Astra and had 318 ACS to stop Alfajer’s 274 ACS Sage, winning the map 13-11 for his team.

It was another close first half on Bind too, but Jinggg didn’t plan to lose a map against Fnatic. His Raze was the deciding factor for this close map that finished 13-10 in favour of PRX, with 319 average combat score and 187 average damage per round. Jinggg took the MVP award while Paper Rex sent Fnatic to the lower bracket.

Paper Rex roster

PRX’s roster consists of Indonesian mindfreak and f0rsakeN, Singaporean Benkai and Jinggg and Malaysian d4v41. They have been playing together since 2021, with Jinggg being the latest addition, joining the team in September 2021.

mindfreak plays the controllers for the team, mainly Viper and Astra. During the two series they played, mindfreak accumulated 1.48 K/D and 229.5 ACS. f0rsaken plays Chamber or duelists, and deals most of the damage for the team, together with Jinggg. Jinggg supplies the firepower needed to take down big names like Fnatic: 262.3 ACS and 156.6 ADR look significant but his 1.07 K/D points out how dangerous his playstyle is.

Benkai plays the initiators and serves as the IGL of the team. His stats are the lowest, but his role is arguably the most important. Lastly, d4v41 also plays initiators or sentinels, taking the role his team needs. Although he doesn’t stand out much, his stats aren’t bad, especially in a team with two players with outstanding firepower.