paiN Gaming is coming to BLAST Finals

BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2022 begins in a few days, and paiN Gaming is one of the eight teams participating. After a successful run in the Spring American Showdown, paiN Gaming secured its place in the finals, leaving strong teams like FURIA, MIBR or Team Liquid behind.

Before their success at the Spring Showdown, paiN Gaming had not performed well for a long time and disappointed their fans. They have what it takes to surprise everyone at the BLAST Finals: let's have a look at what paiN Gaming brings to the table.

paiN’s journey

For a long time, paiN Gaming failed to become a team that could challenge the top teams in CS:GO esports. After their disappointing result at the PGL Major Stockholm 2021, paiN Gaming's first win was the Ace North American Masters: Spring 2022, a C-tier tournament that put them in the Spring American Showdown.

After missing out on the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 and IEM Dallas after two open qualifiers, paiN's chances were not too good at the Spring American Showdown. But a 2-1 win over Team Liquid, decided in overtime on Overpass, turned the tide. paiN Gaming then defeated both MIBR and FURIA 2-0. After two wins against these strong Brazilian teams, they have secured a ticket to the BLAST Finals.

This will be paiN Gaming's first attempt on a big stage since their early exit from the PGL Major Stockholm 2021. Their opponents in Group A are strong: FaZe Clan, G2 Esports and Team Vitality. However, all three have a history of failing, especially in matches where they were considered favourites. paiN should try to take advantage of this fact and stay in the top three.

The paiN Gaming squad

Most of paiN Gaming's players joined the organisation in 2019, two of them in February and two later in the year. However, one player joined paiN Gaming in February 2022 to replace saffee: nython. This experienced Brazilian AWPer brings a fresh perspective to the team, which they could utilise in a tough challenge like the BLAST Finals.

The 27-year-old experienced IGL PKL from paiN will be one of their most valuable assets in Lisbon. He will get support from a pretty decent rifler: biguzera, who has been with paiN Gaming since the beginning of their journey. biguzera had one of the best K/D scores in the Spring American Showdown and is also ranked in the top by HLTV as he had the highest rating 2.0 score: 1.42.

NEKIZ and the youngest player in the squad, 21-year-old hardzao, will complete the team for BLAST Spring Finals 2022. They are definitely one of the wildcards of the tournament and not much is expected from them, but a Brazilian team can always pull off something unexpected and surprise big names. That is what the fans will expect from them in Lisbon.

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