Overwatch Nintendo Switch controls

Overwatch is released on Nintendo Switch on Tuesday, October 15th, and fans are eager to see just how it handles on the playful, portable console. Overwatch has already enjoyed console success on PlayStation and Xbox, giving us a fair idea of the Overwatch Nintendo Switch controls.



What are the Overwatch Nintendo Switch controls?

Based on controls on other consoles, the Overwatch Nintendo Switch default layout is:

X: Ultimate ability
A: Crouch
B: Jump
Y: Reload

L: Ability
R: Ability
ZL: Secondary fire
ZR: Primary fire

Right stick: Aim
Right stick press: Quick melee
Left stick: Move
Left stick press: Interact
D-pad left: Hero details
D-pad down: Communication Menu
D-pad right: Switch weapon

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Pro Controllers, Joy-Cons and gyro-aiming

To control Overwatch on Switch, chances are, you'll be better off with a Pro Controller - but Joy Cons should also work well.

While the Overwatch controls on Nintendo Switch will surely be similar to Xbox and PS4, there is apparently one big different - gyro-aiming.


With a tilt from your Pro Controller or Joy-Con controllers, you now be able to gyro-aim, allowing you to shoot from a wider panel of angles in your team fights as your weapon nudges slightly on one side or the other.

Apparently, you will be able to play with your Joy-Cons, laser point at your opponents while you shoot, making the prospect of playing Overwatch on Switch quite unique.

Blizzard and Nintendo, hand-in-hand

Both giants have licensed three pieces of collectible items. One Reaper-themed and one D.Va-themed controller to go along an Overwatch-themed protective case. A joint effort showing how important Overwatch is for both companies.

There have also been plenty of rumours suggesting an Overwatch hero will be the next DLC character for Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Jeff Kaplan, who as director controls Overwatch, said he was open to the idea of any Overwatch hero joining Smash.

In an interview with IGN, he said: "“To the Smash Brothers team, whatever character you want, we love them all. They’re all our babies, you can have any single one of them. We have 31 to choose from."

Overwatch switch to console - risky move?

The Blizzard title has been out for some time now and is played competitively across the world, on PC. Can Overwatch make the Switch move with the same success? Nintendo seems to think so and even wants to solve the old barriers between console and PCs: the controllers.

It has always been harder and slower to aim without a computer mouse, no sensible person could counter that argument and the controllers will basically be identical to those of other consoles except for a few (important) details.


Overwatch Legendary Edition on Switch

Overwatch Legendary Edition on Switch will bring Nintendo players the full Overwatch experience, with updated game play and content on top of the ability of choosing from thirty-on heroes and twenty-eight different locations spread around the globe.

Is it worth the bet?

Will Switch limit interactions between players compared to other versions of the game? Overwatch is above all a team game and communication features might prove paramount to the success of the game on Switch. Is Nintendo up to the challenge?

While a lot has been done to implement relevant innovative elements, let's hope for Switch users that their Overwatch version will be worth the shot.