Is cautious Blizzard killing the fun in Overwatch?


Blizzard has been accused by some fans of being overly sensitive after banning Fusion University’s jerseys from Overwatch League Contenders.

The jerseys are emblazoned with “FU”, which is apparently too risque for the OWL organisers.

Blizzard has also reportedly taken action to ban a Korean player from using “Climax” as a handle and prevented use of the words “lmao”, “sucks”, and “monkaS” in chat.

Blizzard has yet to comment on its motives (and perhaps never will) but it could be that these actions are designed to make Overwatch more family friendly and, therefore, more accessible to more people.

After all, the company has high hopes for Overwatch League and, despite viewing figures dropping, is reportedly demanding between $30m and $60m per team to buy-in for season two.

Esports journalist and analyst Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau was among those to criticise Blizzard’s stance.

He wrote on Twitter: “Blizzard continues to misunderstand Twitch chat culture, gamer culture, internet culture, and more importantly, their own fans.

“These are memes and harmless 'offensive' words. Blizzard's actions make OWL and Overwatch esports look unfun, and to some, a joke.”

Picture via @FusionUni / Twitter

James McMathMedia manager at Luckbox.