OSC Championship 9 starts tomorrow

IEM Katowice 2022 is approaching slowly, but which StarCraft II fan would say no to a decent tournament ahead of IEM Katowice 2022?

Tomorrow, OSC Championship 9 kicks off and here's what you need to know about the tournament.

OSC Championship 9 format

The OSC Championship 9 will run until Jan 25. The group stage of the tournament will be played in a round robin format. Ranks 21-32 are seeded into two groups. All matches will be Bo2. The top three from each group will advance to the championship bracket whilst the bottom three will be relegated to the challenger playoffs stage. They do not have to continue after falling to this stage.

Thus, six players from the group stage and club members who did not go to the championship bracket or group stage will take part in the challenger playoffs. Matches at this stage will be Bo3. The 3 qualifying series will be Bo5 instead.

The top 20 ranked players on the OSC World Rankings will start directly from the championship bracket. Places 1 to 12 will be placed on the winner's bracket based on their ranking. 3 to 20 will start from the first round of the winner's bracket. All three players who have won the mid-season playoffs will start from the winner's bracket. All matches will be Bo5. The final will be Bo7 and the player from the winner's bracket will start the series 1-0 ahead. If a player from the lower bracket wins the tournament, he will get an extra $350.

OSC Championship 9 participants

Mid Season Playoffs Winners - 3 Participants
Zest ByuN Spirit


Championship Bracket - 17 Participants
ArT SpeCial Bioice
Bistork Vindicta Bly
ForJumy Cham Gerald
MeomaikA Krystianer Rattata
MaxPax Pacomike PAPI
trigger Ziomek


Group Stage - 12 Participants
Arrogfire BattleB Demi
Bekzhan Brat_OK Mixu
goblin Nicoract Solar
MaNa uThermal YoungYakov


Looking at their performance this season, Krystianer, Gerald and Cham are expected to do well. TriGGeR, GogojOey and Zest are also names that should not be underestimated.

OSC Championship 9 and DH SC2 Masters 2021: Last Chance 2022 in January, and IEM Katowice 2022 in February, StarCraft II fans are undoubtedly waiting for these tournaments.

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