Only two game days left at The International 11

Everything has progressed very interestingly so far in The International 11. So much so that the two teams that came with the Last Chance Qualifier are now guaranteed to be in the top four. Last year's champion Team Spirit, this year's favourites PSG.LGD and OG said goodbye to the tournament.

Among these interesting events, we will take a look at what can happen at The International 11 in the remaining two game days.

What can happen in the remaining days of The International 11?

Frankly, so far, The International 11 hasn't progressed predictably. So much so that whoever the fans called the favourite of the tournament was eliminated, whoever the fans say will be eliminated early continues on their way. In short, we are faced with a very interesting picture. If you're asking if it's fun, definitely.

The International 11's grand final is getting closer and closer. Only one game day left. You can watch the matches of your favourite teams and place bets on Luckbox. Sign up now and get a 100% deposit bonus.

Upper bracket final

It is very difficult to predict the winner of this match. Tundra Esports finished Group B as the leader. Team Secret was second in the same group. Team Secret lost 0-2 to Tundra Esports in the group stage. So if history repeats itself, Tundra Esports will win again.

If we look at the opponents they faced in the playoff stage, both teams made it this far without meeting neither PSG.LGD nor OG. For this reason, these matches do not give us enough ideas to determine the victorious team. I think Tundra Esports is just a tiny bit ahead of Team Secret.

Credit: Valve

Lower bracket round 5

The match in lower bracket round 5 is also quite remarkable and competitive. When the two teams matched in upper bracket round 1, Team Aster won 2-0. After losing to Tundra Esports, Team Aster found themselves in the lower bracket.

Both teams faced very strong opponents in the lower bracket and managed to qualify. Team Aster was the team that pushed PSG.LGD out of the tournament. Team Liquid, on the other hand, eliminated OG.

It is very difficult to predict who will win in a match between such two magnificent teams. My choice is Team Aster. I think they will win again.

What happens next if our predictions are correct?

Let's say Tundra Esports advances to the grand final and Team Secret is paired with Team Aster in the lower bracket final. In my opinion, Team Secret will be the winner even if they struggle against Team Aster and they can qualified to face Tundra Esports once again. If they can use the hype from the lower bracket final in the grand final, they might even reach the championship. One thing is for sure, we're going to watch a great grand final.

You don't want to miss the last days of such an amazing tournament. Team Secret and Team Liquid would not have been able to participate in the tournament without the Last Chance Qualifier. Now they have secured the top four. Will a team from the Last Chance Qualifier reach the Aegis? You can find the answer on Luckbox.