One Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational predictions

Dota 2 specialist and Luckbox community member Riley shares his ONE Esports World Pro Invitational Singapore 2019 predictions for the group stage matches.

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One Esports World Pro Invitational predictions

As much as I would like to go in depth with these matches, there's simply too much of them, plus it's the group stage of a non-DPC event, so the efforts of going full Nahaz is better saved off for the playoffs. This and the fact patch 7.23 has just landed means I can't have five-star confidence ratings on any matches.


TNC vs J.Storm

When it comes to the recent major winners, it should be pretty straightforward. Fear and his boys at J.Storm have their ups and down, but TNC are just soaring.

Riley's Rapid Bets: TNC to win vs J.Storm at 1.5x
Star confidence rating: 4/5

PSG.LGD vs Gambit

With LGD's falling short in the recent Open Qualifiers, it's clear they're the team struggling most with adapting to 7.23. While a team of their calibre should be able to adjust quickly enough, a draw against Gambit could happen. If you have CIS-level balls, you can even aim for the 10x multiplier, the odds of it hitting the mark is actually there.

Riley's Rapid Bets: Draw between PSG.LGD vs Gambit at 3.05x
Star confidence rating: 3/5

Vici vs Evil Geniuses

Both solid teams, so a draw most likely. Would favor Vici better team-wise and time-spent-together-wide, but they're better back during their time with Fade.

Riley's Rapid Bets: Draw between Vici vs EG at 2.20x
Star confidence rating: 3/5


TNC vs Alliance

TNC flying hot off Chengdu, but 7.23 is definitely a turbulence for them after seeing DreamLeague Major qualifiers. They'll adjust, but do note that Alliance are on the rise as well. Also, Alliance just beat Nigma to the Major, so that's a plus.

Riley's Rapid Bets: Draw between TNC vs Alliance at 2.16x
Star confidence rating: 4/5

Team Secret vs Aster

Aster seem pretty solid (better than last year's roster), especially with Fade's move back to position 4, but in typical Secret fashion, Puppey and his gang have been so quick in adapting and setting the trend for the new meta that they're now most people's hypothetical frontrunner for the throne this DPC season.

Riley's Rapid Bets: Secret to win vs Aster at 1.6x
Star confidence rating: 4/5

Liquid vs Gambit

Although, in typical Liquid fashion, the Nords started right off the bat choking, but they've recovered quite nicely, making good enough showings at Chengdu and the recent qualifiers. Gambit, on the other hand, are on the opposite trajectory, although since this is a battle of two chokers so do take this inference with a grain of salt.

Riley's Rapid Bets: Liquid to win vs Gambit at 1.98x
Star confidence rating: 2/5


PSG.LGD vs Na'Vi

Before you start typing "Na'Vi in 2019 lul", let the fact that Na'Vi made it to the major (although from the CIS region) while LGD came nowhere close sink in, because Sonneiko is the problem. Then why is the confidence rating so low? Because it's Na'Vi in 2019 D: (don't @ me).

Riley's Rapid Bets: Draw between PSG.LGD vs Na'Vi at 2.40x
Star confidence rating: 2/5

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TNC vs Aster

The major Champions vs some high-profile strugglers, you get the point. Armel, Gabbi, and Tims - the Filipino trio are the new Chinese-slayers, although ChYuan is practically Malaysian (also the man just got engaged, and Worlds taught us that spouses makes the best motivators).

Riley's Rapid Bets: TNC to win vs Aster at 1.78x
Star confidence rating: 4/5

Alliance vs J.Storm

My opinions on the soaring TNC vs J.Storm applies here as well, only that Alliance aren't major winners. Although, against the rising Alliance, the odds of draw happening is bigger, since Alliance have a higher tendency to fall short.

Riley's Rapid Bets: Alliance to win vs J.Storm at 2.09x
Star confidence rating: 3/5


Team Secret vs

Secret are projected to come off mighty like last season, and VP are a splinter of what they are past seasons. I'm very pleased to see the newly built-from-the-ground-up VP significantly improving, though, and while they still have ways to go, I'll be pleased to see them picking off a game.

Riley's Rapid Bets: Secret to win vs VP at 1.76x
Star confidence rating: 4/5

Vici vs Gambit

Although losing Fade definitely made a difference on Vici, they're still the runner up of the Chengdu Major. Also, de facto the best in China. While Gambit lost the title of de facto the best in CIS when, after a great start, started choking uncontrollably. I still believe the team have the talent, so changing that is up to them, but looking at the recent qualifiers perhaps now's not the time.

Riley's Rapid Bets: Vici to win vs Gambit at 1.64x
Star confidence level: 4/5

Team Liquid vs Na'Vi

When Liquid choke, the ripples created always leave a sour taste to the mouth. But at least with Liquid, it's a question of when.

With Na'Vi, it's a question of how, although hopefully with the problem supposedly gone we'll see Na'Vi actually living up to what they're born to do.

Riley's Rapid Bets: Liquid to win vs Na'Vi at 2.30x
Star confidence level: 4/5


Alliance vs Aster

If you've read this far, you already know Alliance's on the rise but for the sake of argument, I'll reiterate that Aster are a solid enough team, and Alliance have their vulnerability, so Aster could be taking a game.

Riley's Rapid Bets: Alliance to win vs Aster at 2.50x
Star confidence rating: 3/5 vs J.Storm

VP made the quantum leap from the CIS region's lowermost qualifying seed to current top seed, while J.Storm is now relegated to the minor.

I do feel, however, that overemphasising this fact could prove to be a mistake, as VP are still a very green team, while J.Storm and their players have constantly reminded overlookers not to throw the rug off them just yet.

Riley's Rapid Bets: Draw between VP vs J.Storm at 2.15x
Star confidence rating: 3/5

Team Liquid vs Evil Geniuses

With the current state of the two teams (EG not top seed in NA lul), I could be favoring one of the two to win with a star confidence rating of 1. So instead I'll just predict a draw to boost my confidence rating to 3, because this two, you can't tell.

Riley's Rapid Bets: Draw between Liquid vs EG at 1.99x
Star confidence rating: 3/5

The predictions should not be treated as advice. Odds are accurate at the time of publishing.