One champion in League of Legends that is always meta: Ryze

One of the oldest champions in League of Legends, Ryze has made a reappearance in the meta as he always does. Rework after rework couldn’t stop him but only made him stronger, and now Ryze is one of the best picks in the mid lane in 2022 too. Professional players and high-level SoloQ players always know better than us, but we can at least try to understand Ryze and shed light on his powers.

Ryze’s last spike was thanks to the new item which came from Wild Rift: Winter’s Approach. It gives Ryze the mana he needs, which also boosts his damage, and also the shield he most definitely misses from his skillset as he once had it in his passive. Thus, mid laners all around the world, as they are already used to Ryze, started to use him more.

Ryze’s skills and gameplay

Image via Riot Games

Let’s have a look at Ryze’s kit. He is a mage that utilizes ability power, and he gains 10% buff per 100 AP to his maximum mana. Additionally, Ryze’s skills get more powerful as he accumulates more mana. Thus, mana is not only a weapon for Ryze to use more skills but also for him to deal more damage.

Ryze’s Q is his main weapon, he strikes a blast in the target direction that deals damage. However, Ryze’s other basic abilities refresh Overload’s cooldown and charge a Rune, which stacks up to two times. If Ryze uses two of his basic abilities in a row without using Overload consumes 2 runes, he gains bonus movement speed.

His W is Ryze’s control weapon, used by itself, Rune Prison will slow an enemy and deal some damage, which could be critical in early stages of the game but gets insignificant as the game advances. Used on an enemy which was hit by his E, however, Ryze will root them for 1.5 seconds.

Let’s get to his E: Spell Flux deals some damage when used on an enemy, which is also an insignificant amount, and spreads its effect on the nearby enemies. However, if Ryze lands Overload on an enemy with Spell Flux inflicted on them, Overload deals even more damage and spreads to those who are inflicted by Spell Flux and close enough to the main target.

Ryze’s ultimate, Realm Warp, is one of the best parts of playing him in professional play. Ryze opens a portal, and teleports himself and his allies that stay in the portal to some place of his choice. This could be stopped by using crowd control on Ryze, so it's harder for him to use it when he faces a bad situation while split pushing.

Thanks to his skillset, Ryze is a big split push threat and a great at clearing waves. However, he really is squishy when hit by some heavy crowd control, especially when you don’t need to land it. Using his passive and Phase Rush runes, Ryze can easily dodge skill shots, so you should take that into account when chasing Ryze, or playing Ryze.

Ryze’s stats in 2022

In SoloQ, Ryze is not as popular as he is in professional play. The wizard needs teammates and a mechanically skilled player for him to give his best, and his latest build that makes him perfect, isn’t actually perfect for SoloQ standards, as you can’t “solo carry” with it. According to League of Graphs, Ryze has a popularity of 4.6%, not so bad, but his win rate is 44.1% and he is banned very rarely.

Things change in professional play: taking’s numbers, Ryze has a presence of 52.4% in Season 12 all around the globe. When a champion is picked so much and it needs time and resources to carry, his win rate drops, Ryze sits on 45.9% as of now. However, teams are still using him a lot, and they aren’t always the good teams that stomp the league.

According to’s data, best Ryze players in the world are some of the best mid laners: ShowMaker has a 85.7% win rate and 7.0 KDA in 7 games, knight has 85.7% and 14.0 in the same amount of games and Doinb has 66.7% with 5.8, however, he played Ryze 9 times.

Ryze’s highest presence is Latin America’s LLA, and he has a 47.4% win rate there. On the other hand, he was played 7 times in the LCL, which is discontinued for now, with an impressive 71.4% win rate. Oceania’s LCO and Turkey’s TCL are the places with the least Ryze (49% and 50%, respectively), and while LCO Ryzes have 65% win rate, Turkish ones are stuck at 45%. They are not the worst major region though, Vietnamese Ryzes have a 31.6% win rate in 19 games.

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