OG comes to BLAST Premier with a new roster

OG, the European Mix squad that failed to impress in recent months is planning to make a comeback in the BLAST Premier Finals with a new set of changes.

They entered the Counter-Strike scene in December 2019 with the signing of a newly assembled roster by the organisation, albeit where the OG organisation excelled at Dota 2. They are pretty serious about their Counter Strike ordeal.

Let’s look have an overview of the team OG before the BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2022 take place in Lisbon, Portugal through June 15-19.

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CS:GO History of OG

On 2019 December 4th - OG announced their entry into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with the acquisition of a roster consisting of NBK-, Aleksib, valde, ISSAA and mantuu. They had to wait until 2020 until they get their first meaningful result, unlike Copenhagen Flames, the team did not have the aim in mind to be among the best CS:GO team in the world. They wanted to get to their destination slowly but surely.

On January 29th - OG sign ruggah as coach and then thing started to get shaped. They claimed their first S-tier tournament victory in the BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 Regular Season, coming in first place and claiming the $25,000 dollar prize, and they did so by beating the NAVI in its prime era, where s1mple was considered the best in the CS:GO esports, and NAVI was thought unbeatable.

They constantly pushed the limits and were always among the top 10 or 20 in the S-tier major tournaments. But theirs was a performance that was not unsustainable. To become a legend you have to be consistent first, and this is where OG lacks as a team. They came 2nd in Intel Extreme Masters XVI - Summer against the legendary roster of Gambit esports, which is now currently dominating with its roster playing for cloud9 ın the latest IEM Dallas, where they even bested the current best FaZe.

Then, all of a sudden they were ranked 17th in Intel Extreme Masters XVI - Cologne.

OG, however promising as they look, were cursed with inconsistency, they lacked nothing in skill. But at this level of play, consistency and tactics whilst keeping calm under pressure is key.

Fast forward to 2022, they almost parted with all of the original members of the team, and benched the newcomers too. Organisation wise OG seems like an unhappy government that instead of strengthening its players' weaknesses, just fires them and brings in new ones. This strategy rarely works and makes the players feel they are expandable and they are just playing on bought time on the team. We doubt that this style of governance will serve OG in the long run.

But this also shows the ambition behind the team. They are a newcomer to the CS:GO esports and they are constantly nudging and optimising for the best result, they are not just here to be another CS:GO team for the prestige, they are here for the prize of being known among the best.

OG has a fresh roster ahead of BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2022

Take look at the fresh OG roster, ahead of the BLAST Premier (which they excel at, this team just loves to win the BLAST tournaments or be among the top, they placed 2nd after Team Vitality in BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2022)

In 2022 only OG made the following changes;

They just beat their first match of the Global Esports Tour Dubai which saw Complexity and OG, with the European side edging out Johnny "⁠JT⁠" Theodosiou's crew in three maps, losing 11-16 and Overpass and securing the reverse-sweep, taking Vertigo 16-8 and Inferno 16-11.

Now they are about to kick off against a shaken NAVI, both by war in Ukraine and the internal roster changes regarding the resignation/firing of boombl4.

"I’m very excited as today marks a new day in OG CS:GO as we welcome NEOFRAG and F1KU to our ranks," Casper "⁠ruggah⁠" Due said. "They are young, motivated and hungry to prove themselves on the biggest stage, and in-game their profiles was a very clear match to what we’ve searched for ever since we started the process of re-building the roster.

"With their raw talent and consistency, they have already shown during the last year in SINNERS and AGO that they have the skillset to help push our team to new heights."

NEOFRAG, OG's Czech signing, has emerged as one of Europe's most exciting talents after breaking out with SINNERS in early 2020, when he ranked 19th in the HLTV rankings.

SINNERS reached events of the stature of the ESL Pro League and the most recent RMR, where the team was eliminated from reaching the Major at the finishing line in the Swiss stage's 2-2 decider match by Bad News Eagles. During his time in the top Czech squad, the 21-year-old averaged a 1.18 rating and was a key component in SINNERS reaching events of the stature of the ESL Pro League and the most recent RMR, where the team was eliminated from reaching the Major

The new-look OG will debut in official competition at the BLAST Premier Spring Final in Lisbon, Portugal, which will take place on June 15-19, but will first play in the Teleperformance PXP Showmatch on Friday at 20:00 (CEST) against MIBR.

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