NRG rejoins the LCS by acquiring Counter Logic Gaming

NRG will be making a return to the LCS, as the organisation has revealed that they will be acquiring Counter Logic Gaming, and taking over their LCS slot.

Counter Logic Gaming leaves the LCS

The organisation announced via Twitter that it would be acquiring Counter Logic Gaming, in a statement delivered by CEO Andy Miller. According to Miller, NRG will be keeping as much of Counter Logic Gaming's existing LCS structure as possible, including the main roster as well as the organisation's Academy squad, coaches and analysts.

Of course, not everything will be staying the same. At some point in the near future, Counter Logic Gaming will be changing its branding to NRG, once Riot Games gives their approval to do so.

Following the acquisition, Counter Logic Gaming's parent company Madison Square Garden Sports Corp. will own a noncontrolling interest in the newly-combined NRG/Counter Logic Gaming organisation.

It marks the end of an era for Counter Logic Gaming, who has been a regular face in League of Legends for the past 13 years, having been originally founded by  George "HotshotGG" Georgallidis on April 16, 2010. Since 2015, the organisation has gone on to make a name for itself on the LCS scene, with two NA LCS titles and two regional tournaments under their belt, as well as emerging as a runner-up in the 2016 MSI.

Unfortunately, one of the oldest organisations in League of Legends has been forced to step away from the scene, after a series of mass layoffs as the organisation shuts down operations.

However, Counter Logic Gaming's departure allows NRG to return to the LCS. The organisation last competed in the 2016 Spring and Summer splits, but ultimately pulled out of the game after they finished 9th in the Summer Split.

The LCS officially welcomed NRG back to the league in a statement posted to Twitter, stating that they "look forward to seeing the organization bring their dedication and passion to the LCS community.”

The LCS also bade Counter Logic Gaming a fond farewell, adding that "Counter Logic Gaming is an inextricable part of our history over the last decade, and an organization whose impact on North American esports cannot be overstated."

Counter Logic Gaming may be stepping away from of League of Legends - but you'll be able to follow along with NRG's return to the scene via our upcoming League of Legends match schedule. And if you're in the mood for some League of Legends betting, why not sign up and claim your free 100% bonus?