Nouns and Quincy Crew share the lead as DPC NA moves into week 4

The first three weeks of the Dota Pro Circuit North America Tour 3 Division I has come to an end. The Nouns and Quincy Crew are undefeated so far, sharing the lead.

Let's take a look at what happened in the third week, matches and predictions of the fourth week with you.

There were interesting matches in Week 3 of DPC NA

  • Wildcard Gaming 1 - 2 nouns
  • Quincy Crew 2 - 0 felt
  • Evil Geniuses 2 - 1 TSM
  • Quincy Crew 2 -0 Wildcard Gaming
  • The Cut 1 - 2 nouns

Week three kicked off with the nouns' comeback against Wildcard Gaming. Although Wildcard Gaming won the first game, which lasted 61 minutes, nouns won two games in a row and reached their fourth win.

Quincy Crew, on the other hand, didn't have much trouble against felt, who had just risen from Division II.

Evil Geniuses vs TSM was one of the most anticipated matches of the week and resulted in Evil Geniuses' 2-1 win.

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DPC NA Tour 3 Division I Week 4 matches and predictions

DPC NA Tour 3 Division I will kick off with 5RATFORCESTAFF vs felt. One of the two teams will reach their first win. It seems much more likely that 5RFS will win the match. Still, it will be fun to watch the two newly promoted teams from Division II meet.

With this match, one of the two teams that has won four series so far will receive their first defeat. Quincy Crew is expected to win the match and get the lead.

This match is very important for both teams. The defeated team will be a little away from the risk of relegation to Division II. Judging by Wildcard Gaming's recent performance, it is almost certain that they will win the match.

  • Evil Geniuses - 5RFS (July 2 - 21:00 CEST)

The Evil Geniuses will look to capitalize on the nouns and Quincy Crew's encounter for an important win on the way to the Arlington Major. With the win, they will be much more assertive in the race to the top.

  • TSM - felt (July 3 - 00:00 CEST)

Felt is expected to lose both matches this week. If TSM manages to win this match, their hopes may rise again.