North American League 2022 - Stage 1 Playday 8 schedule and betting odds

There are just seven days to go until the NA League 2022 Stage 1 finals and the top four teams heading to the Six Major. While some of the teams have already lost their chances to participate, the other seven teams will give their best.

Let us take a look at the upcoming matches on April 20 and talk about how the tables will look at the end of Playday 8.

Playday 8 fixture list and betting odds

A total of five matches will take place on Playday 8. Here are all the matches:

DarkZero Esports (2.00) vs Oxygen Esports (1.72): 20:30 CEST

Soniqs (3.20) vs Spacestation Gaming (1.30): 22:00 CEST

TSM (1.55) vs Parabellum Esports (2.30): 23:30 CEST

Mirage (2.80) vs beastcoast (1.40): 01:00 CEST

Astralis (1.55) vs XSET (2.25): 02:30 CEST

DarkZero and Oxygen will play the first match of Playday 8. DarkZero remains in fifth place, while Oxygen is in second place. On Matchday 7, DarkZero lost to XSET 7-5 and Oxygen won against Soniqs 5-7. Overall, it is more likely that Oxygen will win this match.

Spacestation Gaming is in sixth place in the NA League 2022: Stage 1. Soniqs has already been eliminated from the tournament, but their overall result is not good enough either. The American team has won only one match in the tournament and lost the other six. Therefore, it is possible for them to win against Spacestation.

Credit: Oxygen

Another team already eliminated from the tournament is the well-known TSM. Recently, they also lost to beastcoast on Playday 7 by 2-7. On the other hand, they still go into the game against Parabellum Esports as the favourites. Also note that Parabellum still has a chance at Six Major.

Beastcoast will face Mirage on April 20 as favourites. If you look at the fixture list, beastcoast remains in fourth place while Mirage brings up the rear with 3 points, 1 win and 6 losses. On Playday 7, beastcoast won against TSM.

The last match between Astralis and XSET will decide the top of the table. As Astralis is still on top of NA League 2022: Stage 1, it is the favourite in this match against XSET. On Matchday 7, both teams managed to win their matches. Nevertheless, both teams can aim for the Six Major at the end of the tournament.

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